Rushmere Community

Rushmere is an unincorporated community with a population of about 250. Its zip code of 23430 is for the nearest incorporated town of Smithfield. Rushmere is in Isle of Wight County, close to the adjacent county of Surry, with Virginia State Route 10 as its primary road. It’s also adjacent to the James River which is about 6 miles wide at this point. Just upriver is the “ghost fleet”, one of the nation’s mothballed collections of older ships, this one totaling some 100 vessels and slowly declining as they are removed for salvage. Across the river and upstream is Ft Eustis, an Army transportation base; also the early colonial town of Jamestown, and Williamsburg where William and Mary is located. A ferry crosses the James River at Jamestown. A nuclear power plant with two reactors is located near the ghost fleet and a wildlife refuge called Hog Island in Surry County. Smithfield is sometimes called the ham capital due to the large hog processing plant located there.


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