Stormy weather in Isle of Wight, VA

One of my neighbors with deep roots says the last time we had weather as bad as the last few years was a hurricane in 1933. Various storms and bouts of heavy rain (16 inches in October over about 24 hrs) in recent years have toppled trees onto houses, knocked out power, washed out roads, damaged shorelines more than usual, and caused plenty of new leaks in homes and increased interest in hurricane/tornado protection. We’ve also had some drought, though rainfall for 2006 has been about 49 inches rather than the normal 45. One result here, and around the country where severe weather seems to be on the rise, has been a move towards self sufficiency, most often by installing a whole-house generator. For us it also includes alternate sources of heat, so propane powers our generator as well as several ventless fireplaces. We also keep fuel for a chain saw and a good supply of food. While country living means you can be isolated longer by trees across the road and power outages, it also allows you more options than waiting for a local or larger government to respond. We’ve a well and septic system which adds responsibilities, but seems more secure than what an apartment dweller or home in town have. While a condo requires less outside maintenance by the owner, he/she may not be allowed the use of even a barbecue that can be handy when power fails. On the other hand moving from the country, or even a home in town, to a condo or apartment as one grows older begins the process of relinquishing the self-sufficiency and freedom we all cherish.


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