Lighthouses For Sale

Advances in navigation technology and increasing costs for operation have resulted in some lighthouses being auctioned off in our area. Newspaper stories in the Daily Press (,0,4747443.storygallery ) and Smithfield Times newspapers follow new owners of two of these. No grass to mow, landscaping issues don’t exist, no traffic jams or noisy neighbors and the view is excellent in all directions. However, the windows are small and remodeling options are limited while maintenance needs are probably greater than a vinyl-clad home and require homewowner skills that can’t be farmed out to a local handyman. Space is obviously limited much like a trailer, but hurricanes and tornadoes cause fewer problems. Certainly no trees to fall or block the roadway and no snow to shovel. The positive aspects of lighthouses may be the reason you may see several wood homes built on pilings in shallow water of local inlets or rivers. The single-level houses are more comfortable with piers and easy access, but less sturdy than a lighthouse. Owners of either certainly have challenges in providing lighting, plumbing and other homely necessities, yet such projects are typical of Virginians and those who live along the waterways of the state.


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