Sludge On Farmlands May Be Hazardous

Municipal sewage treatment plants accumulate tons of sludge or biowaste. County home owners know this as what doesn’t dissolve or digest in a septic tank and must be pumped out every few years to prevent the stuff overflowing the tank and clogging the drain field resulting in a pool of smelly sewage appearing in your yard.

Virginia has been accepting huge amounts of trash from out-of-state as a business for years. The trash goes into land fills. Companies that dispose of the sludge wish to bring it into Virginia, too. They claim the safest way to dispose of sludge is as fertilizer sprayed over the ground on open fields and wooded areas. Some has already been spread in Surry and Isle of Wight, counties were opposition developed. The opponents claim municipal waste contains heavy metals, toxic substances and biohazards that haven’t been neutralized can be hazardous to people living near treated areas and perhaps water above and below ground. It appears that too few objective or adequate studies have been made to resolve the problem. So, if you buy a lot, land, or a home in the country, the presence of sludge may be another thing to be checked.

Go to and type in ‘sludge’ to find an article on the subject.


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