Smithfield Times, Weekly Newspaper for Isle of Wight and Surry Counties

This newspaper focuses on IOW and Surry County and provides excellent coverage for those counties. The current issue has articles on the controversial Pinewood Heights neighborhood relocation; seizure of a local Smithfield restaurant under eminent domain so a rescue squad building can be erected; news about employment decline and concurrent population increase; a major turnover of county personnel in IOW, and increased water costs in Smithfield to correct excess fluoride in ground water.Other items of interest include a problem of floating caskets during floods, an annual homeless count scheduled, revision and reissue of a book, The Guide to the Buildings in Surry and the American Revolution, by James D. Kornwolf, available this year at local outlets in support of the big 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement.  Also, the paper always has interesting letters to the editor, sports, obits, crime.  Color photos are frequently used and illustrate this is a state-of-art periodical.  Unfortunately, only three articles of the current or last issue can be viewed online at

Weekly newspapers are, of course, an excellent resource of local information for anyone interested in settling in the region they serve.  One web site to locate them is  The site doesn’t include Smithfield Times for Virginia, and is far from complete, but is one place to begin looking.  For example, another for West Virginia,, has five times more weeklys listed than the weeklynewspapers site has for the same state.



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