Antiquing in Virginia

Antique stores are spread throughout the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and gravitate towards small towns. Wealthy areas around Washington, DC, have places like Ellicott City and Haymarket, MD, with numerous shops grouped together. We country cousins only have one or two such shops in most small towns. Smithfield has several nice ones. Nearby Wakefield also has several, though less polished, but likely to contain rustic treasures.

Williamsburg, though it contains an entire antique town of Colonial Williamsburg, mostly sells replicas of antiques. However, north of town are several excellent small shops and one antique mall with hundreds of vendors. Some of these buy directly from old homesteads and farms. One helps older couples downsize or dispose of house goods when they move into smaller quarters. A few take items on consignment. One near Smithfield on Rt 256 sells new and antique furniture, including imported antiques from Europe and China.

Some of these places advertise online or in daily and weekly newspapers. They also produce local fliers and pamphlets showing related businesses nearby. So, find one and you’ll find literature pointing you to others in the area.

The goods sold are diverse and shopping for them provides an opportunity to explore these small towns. Farm-related items are more common as are civil war artifacts, military items and a scattering of marine or maritime items. A number of military bases serve the area, a major port, and NASA research center which influence the type of collectibles and antiques to be found.

The places to start are downtown Smithfield, downtown Poquoson, along Rt 460 from Suffolk to Wakefield and Rt 60 a mile or two north of Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg and nearby Jamestown, as noted, carry many colonial reproductions.


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