Gardening in Rushmere

If you enjoy gardening, country living in Isle of Wight and Surry Counties are suitable areas to do it. The east side of the counties end at the James River as do the crops and farms. Housing and commerce are on the other side where Williamsburg and the remnants of Jamestown, Newport News and Hampton are located.

Both sides of the James should be suitable for agriculture, but farming is more common the west side. Perhaps the Jamestown experience with crops 400 years ago on the east side of the James colored attitudes every since. The early colonists had a rather bad time in part because most of them considered themselves above the process of raising their own food.

Some garden and landscape lovers will be disappointed by some country homes that appear perched on a flat piece of golf course. These are either the home of farmers or lovers of the riding mower who want only simple grass and a tree or two around their homes. Those yards are easy to maintain, requiring only moving, thatching, aerating, fertilizing, mulching, weeding and edging, plus perhaps periodically replacing part of the yard if a tree is blown over or heavy rain washes away part of the lawn. Adding trees and shrubs reduces the amount of lawn to maintain, but adds pruning and bug killing to lawn duties. Ambitious gardeners add fruit trees. While most of these grow well, so do all the bugs, molds, fungi and animals that like them. If your competition wins, then lots of damage fruit and trees result and must be addressed. If you win, you have even more fruit work. In either case fruit tree owners are pruners and each type tree is pruned differently. Only fig trees are basically care free to the delight of the many fig lovers in the world.

Personally I enjoy a very small garden that’s about eight feet square and also acts as our compost pit for our plant waste. The small size prevents overproduction that can upset neighbors who have no use for surplus zucchinis and cucumbers. The solid clay in the garden is pretty good soil after ten years of composting. There’s probably a thousand pounds of coffee grounds, cabbage leaves, grapefruit and orange rinds. Yet there’s no excess. All that waste converts to very compact organic matter. That’s why it takes a 100 years to make one inch of humus on the forest floor. Guess that’s also why there’s no depressions around trees from all the nutrients being sucked up.


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