Podcast Gems 1 – Nov 19, 2011, Science360 Radio, MediaMined software, and Speed Listening

I produced a blog about walks in the country a few years back that contributed to podcast listening which over time has required increasing the playback speed because it sounded better, and lately because the number of good podcasts are increasing.  I’d like to offer the best picks each week for listeners lacking time to screen the large number of possible files to help them deal with the volume of material. So, here we go.

This Week in Virology, episode 150 ( http://www.twiv.tv/2011/09/25/twiv-150-contaminated/), included a link to Science360Radio (http://science360.gov/radio/), “…a new 24/7 internet stream that showcases 100+ radio shows and podcasts from the U.S. and around the world. It’s available on the Web and via iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. From the latest news headlines to in-depth interviews and lively discussions, Science360 Radio delivers to a worldwide audience engaging daily programming about all things science, engineering, math and technology. Science360 Radio is a part of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Science360 network.

The point of contact for Science360 Radio, Laurie Howell, reported that another NSF effort has produced software called MediaMined described as follows:

Audio engineers have developed a novel artificial intelligence system for understanding and indexing sound, a unique tool for both finding and matching previously un-labeled audio files.

“Having concluded beta testing with one of the world’s largest Hollywood sound studios and leading media streaming and hosting services, Imagine Research of San Francisco, Calif., is now releasing MediaMinedTM for applications ranging from music composition to healthcare.

A video discussion with one of the developers is at https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_videos.jsp?cntn_id=122229&media_id=71475&org=NSF and the company website is http://www.imagine-research.com/mediamined-home.  A few different video clips are also on YouTube when you search for MediaMined.

Software that lets you find words and phrases in a collection of podcasts would be useful, but no indication has been given that MediaMined will do this. Meanwhile in March   iZotope, Inc, a leading innovator in digital audio signal processing in Cambridge, MA, announced it acquired Imagine Research. So far the iZotope website does not list MediaMined as being available.

“Speed Listening” is my name for the best way to listen to audio files of all types, which boils down to podcasts, books and lectures.  Details about this approach to listening, and a list of excellent podcast sources is presented at https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/speed-your-hearing.htm .


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