Podcast Gems 4 – Dec 9, 2011: Español, Data Furnaces, CPR Compression-Only Study

Two excellent sources for audio files in Spanish are http://www.spanishpodcast.org/ and http://www.rtve.es/podcast/radio-5/asunto-del-dia-en-r5/SASUNTO.xml. The first comes from Barcelona and is devoted to language training with over 150 podcasts, each about thirty minutes long, discussing a range of everyday topics that are introduced in English and backed up with vocabulary lists for free. The second is a daily news report of some twenty minutes from the Spanish Radio and TV Corp in which experts on current topics are interviewed. Now, a third source equal to the Spanish RTV Corp is the Japan Broadcasting Corp at http://www3.nhk.or.jp/rj/podcast/. Radio Japan differs from Radio Spain by including Asian-oriented news, so for example you can learn about sumo while studying Spanish. Radio Japan also offers the same broadcasts in seventeen languages for anyone with different language interests. All three of these sources allow RSS links for automatic downloads of new material to your aggregator.

The BBC at one time offered a daily fifteen-minute news summary podcast, but budget problems reduced this to once a week and finally nothing at all. That summary was the only one with routine coverage of Latin America.

A Data Furnace replaces your normal furnace with computer servers and uses their heat for your house, business, or building. The concept also decentralizes data storage and could allow server operation movement to places that need heat. This doesn’t sound practical for houses, but hospitals are an excellent choice because they often have backup power to reduce server down time. A discussion from Canada with the US researchers on the topic are at http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/11/29/f-vp-misener-server-farm-heating.html or this shorter link: http://bit.ly/sPG88n. The first part of the podcast delivers a short summary. Later there’s greater detail in an interview with the researcher. A PDF on the subject is also available from the same site, or use this link, https://db.usenix.org/events/hotcloud11/tech/final_files/LiuGoraczko.pdf

Compression Only CPR Value 8 mins – You’ve heard that you can help a heart attack victim by only using chest compression rather than combining it with the mouth-to-mouth stuff. A discussion of the study came out in 2010 but a podcast about it just came out, if you want to hear the why and how of the concept. You can find it by starting at this link,  and going to the 2010 entries and looking for entry 46, entitled, “Compression Only CPR Value”.

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