Media Mining Digest 22 – Apr 13, 2012: Photodynamic Treatment, Curation, Prosthetic Legs, Heart Attacks in Women, Happy Work, Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner, It’s Your Ship: Lessons in leadership, When Do You Know if you Have a Good Idea, Genentech, Relationship Between Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Growth of Solar Ventures, Devotion to New Idea, Meatball’s, Creative Destruction of Medicine, Climate Change Scientist, and Professional Listening

Seventeen links to podcasts from this digest are found in two formats here and here.

Photodynamic Treatment 6.5 mins – Dyes can color cells selectively. Such cells more readily absorb light and heat which kills them. It’s old technology but needs more publicity to increase its application and research. The segment is buried in a 35 minute digest and starts at the 6:30 minute mark. Go to the link, find and right click on “CW_April_2012_tcm18-216288.mp3” to download audio.

Curation 14 mins – If you’ve read IABC’s— Int’l Assoc of Business Communication — recent Communications World cover story on content curation, you know the digital age isn’t about “information overload,” it’s about “filter failure.” Donna Papacosta, principle at Trafalgar Communications discusses the many content curation tools of use to the business community. is one which allows the user to create a customized newspaper, one form of curation. Pinterest is another, proposing a pin-board concept. It is controversial at present due to how it uses material from other sources. Aggregation is considered to be an aggravation while curation is more supportive. Pod camps, podcasts-across-boarders, and Storify are other approaches to curation creation which includes how to be a terrific podcast guest. The show notes available as a PDF on this say: Don’t write out and read your answers. Don’t talk too fast. Get the technology out of the way early: if you need to learn to use Skype, do so well before the interview. Get the gear you need: buy a microphone and headphones, and learn to use them. Remove ambient noise, including pets. Be sure any stories are short. Don’t worry about pauses because breaks between questions and answers allow easier editing.

Prosthetic Legs 57 mins – From “Products with a Purpose” Co-Founder and CTO of Bespoke Innovations, Scott Summit leads a continuing effort to create products that radically change lives through a revolution in manufacturing. Here he shares insights from creating customized prosthetic devices using new technologies. Three-D scanning and printing play a major role. The resulting legs are USA made, green products and dishwasher safe. One of them has been used in competitive soccer. Both the XBox Kinect scanner and consumer 3D cameras will play future roles. The apparent video at the download link doesn’t produce images, but the video option in the upper right area menu of title does.

Heart Attacks in Women 16 mins – The single biggest health threat women face is heart attacks. More women now die of heart disease than men, yet cardiovascular research has long focused on men. Pioneering doctor C. Noel Bairey Merz shares what we know and don’t know about women’s heart health — including the remarkably different symptoms women present during a heart attack (and why they’re often missed). We hear less about this because the victims frequently die the first time it happens and they can’t speak up as occurs with breast cancer. Intravascular ultrasound has been a great asset. Female stem cells work better than those from men. We are thirty-five years behind male heart attack research. Video recommended to view visual aids. The link includes a download button that opens an audio download option which allows downloading by right clicking the download button and selecting “Save Link As…”

Happy Work 12 mins – We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity. Humorous and instructive. Click download button, right click “Download to desk on (MP3)” and select “Save Link as…”

Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner Podcasts about entrepreneurship start here in 2004. About 1000 speakers are shown, most very visible in business and many are very successful in business. They have made presentations about creativity, innovation, product development, marketing and sales, venture capital, leadership globalization, and social aspects. The largest group, “opportunity recognition,” contains 331 items. Most are videos with a run time about 5 minutes. Ten are about an hour long. Some podcasts, about an hour each, are also included, so the quantity to examine isn’t too great for searchers of longer material. A sampling of nine longer talks with both audio and video options follow.

It’s Your Ship: Lessons in Leadership 60 mins- William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense, discusses lessons in leadership reminding us that a pivotal point in management is realizing that “It’s your ship.” Perry draws parallels from his experience in business as an entrepreneur and in the government in various critical technology development roles. Perry ends with an incisive management principle applicable both in the corporate world and the government – “Take care of your troops and they will take care of you.”

When Do You Know if you Have a Good Idea? 100 mins – Sutton, a frequent speaker, doesn’t think there is a true method to differentiate a good idea from a bad one, but there are ways to help improve the chances of success, the main one being consulting customers or potential customers. This is one of the earliest recordings and is only available in video but can be downloaded. If you like this one, two others from him are What Great Leaders Do” 59 mins, Weird Ideas that Work 56 mins  and  The No Jerk Rule at 53 mins. For example in”Weird Ideas” he discusses new approaches with old things; exploration vs exploitation; making money later versus make money now; the need to balance old and new; more innovation isn’t necessarily better; the innovation process includes a lot of
failure and that’s a major business irritant; vuja de versus deja vu, and the smart talk trap versus getting things done.

Genentech 59 mins – Joe McCracken, Vice President of Business Development at Genentech, walks through the founding and growth phase of the company. He describes the culture at Genentech, which is credited for consistent ground breaking R&D and the resulting financial success. Established in 1976, it’s considered the number one company to work at in America.

Relationship Between an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist 61 mins – CEO of now-defunct PodShow and his VC describe their relationship in building an online media entertainment company focused on meeting the fast-changing demands of today’s web users. Podshow started with some 5,000 shows, 10 to 60 mins long, and 60 million downloads a month. It was changed a year later to a video store called Mevio. It demonstrates how quickly a great sounding startup can change. The link produces a video; audio download by selecting “Podcast”, right clicking and “Save File As…”.

Growth of Solar Ventures 95 mins – Larry Bawden is a co-founder of (JadooPower), an innovative supplier of fuel cells, and Bloo Solar, a next-generation photovoltaic provider. He talks about the four fundamental planetary crises – Global Warming, Peak Oil, Population Peak and Resource Depletion that are driving changes in world. A PDF refers to Solyndra that went bankrupt, but nothing on efficiency, cost or availability.

Devotion to New Ideas 56 mins – Bill Gross thrives on turning innovative ideas into pioneering companies. He serves as founder and CEO of Idealab, which started over 75 companies since 1996. In this stimulating lecture, he shares how Idealab continues to bring incredible ideas to market, and his personal insights on starting and running successful organizations. Gross also describes the work of eSolar, a spin-off company of Idealab that works to make solar energy cost-competitive in the global marketplace. Find “Download MP3” and “Save Link as…” to save an audio file.

Meatball’s 12 mins – In this podcast, A Tribute to Little Frieda, Meatball Fulton tells the strange tale of how Little Frieda came into his life. This is a site devoted to audio productions of plays with amazing quality and depth made over 30 years ago and similar to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy done on BBC Radio in 1978.  Moon Over Morocco, available at the site, is as good as the Hitchhiker, though expensive.

Creative Destruction of Medicine 34 mins – Eric Topol, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Healthcare, discusses how medicine is being changed. The digital world has hardly pierced the medical cocoon. Until now. We can already continuously monitor our heart rhythm, blood glucose levels, and brain waves while we sleep. Miniature ultrasound imaging devices are replacing the icon of medicine—the stethoscope. For the first time we can capture all the relevant data from each individual to enable precision therapy, prevent major side effects of medications, and ultimately to prevent many diseases from ever occurring. Many of these digital medical innovations lie unused because of the medical community’s profound resistance to change. Topol, one of the nation’s top physicians and a leading voice on the digital revolution in medicine, argues that medicine must undergo its biggest shakeup in history. His book shows us the stakes—and how to win. Go to the link, right click the download button and select “Save File As…” to download and save it.

Climate Change Scientist 18 mins – Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future. He’s scientist who was told he couldn’t talk about global warming without NASA and White House approval. Very succinct and scary.

Professional ListeningConversations Network seeks people to listen to podcasts and write summaries of them for which it pays $5 each. The link will produce the application processes which consists of producing a short and long summary of a sample podcast, with photo, biography of the speaker, and resources, exactly what is seen for each entry at this typical page.  Once accepted you have to produce reviews under the eye of a mentor who will get your payments for that work, but payment will go to you starting with the third product. You need a Paypal account where payments are made. It can take a month until you get your first payment and they may be bundled, rather than one-at-a-time. You will be paid to learn!

The 110 feeds used to prepare this weekly blog are gathered using Feedreader3 and are available as an opm file at Google Docs, Free Commander is used to compare old and new downloads to remove duplicates. MP3SpeedChanger is used to change playback speed of multiple files as a batch.

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