Media Mining Digest 38 – Aug 3, 2012: Arab Attitudes, Rosie the Solderer, Geek Manifesto, Fable of the Dragon Tyrant, Cell Phone Surveillance, Food Stamp Program, Gun Control, 3D Printing Law, Powered Flight History, Discount Rates Impact, Router Firmware Flashing, Transitional Justice, Venter’s Work

The following audio files were selected from a larger group of 106 for the last week. The link to each podcast is at the highlighted topic and reached by double-clicking or ctrl-clicking it. All 15 podcasts but one are converted to 1.5x speed and can also be downloaded as a 106 MB zip file here for four months.  The Recycling in Canada speed is normal.

Recycling in Canada 32mins – “Most observers agree that human consumption is on a crash course with the environment. Although recycling programs have been implemented in many cities around the world, people do not participate as often as they could. In this university podcast, Canadian scholar Kate White shares research examining the effectiveness of messages that highlight the negative consequences of not recycling (loss frames) versus those that emphasize the positive consequences of recycling (gain frames) in influencing people’s behavior. The report finds that the effectiveness of one type of messaging over another depends on whether interventions activate concrete thinking, which focuses on behaviors (such as how one might go about recycling), or abstract thinking (such as why one might go about recycling). White spoke at The Science of Getting People to Do Good briefing held at Stanford University.” At the link right click “Download” and select “Save Link As” to download the podcast.

Arab Attitudes 15 mins – “Pollster Dalia Mogahed shares surprising data on Egyptian people’s attitudes and hopes before the Arab Spring — with a special focus on the role of women in sparking change. Dalia Mogahed is the director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.” At the link click “Download,” then right click “Download to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Rosie the Solderer 52 mins – Interview with MIT engineer, Limor “Ladyada” Fried, founder of Adafruit in 2005. “Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Since then Adafruit has grown to over 25 employees in the heart of NYC. We’ve expanded our offerings to include tools, equipment and electronics that Limor personally selects, tests and approves before going in to the Adafruit store.” Download the podcast at the link by right-clicking “Audio” beside the blue down-pointing arrow at the left and selecting “Save Link As”.

Geek Manifesto 54 mins – “Mark Henderson has surveyed British MPs and found very few with backgrounds in science. Of the 650 MPs, one, Julian Huppert has worked as a scientist. Just a few more have degrees in science. The consequences of this are a reluctance to embrace scientific results or a scientific approach to decision making. Mark Henderson outlines some ways a scientifically literate public can take it to their politicians.” He does this in a book called “Geek Manifesto,” only available in Great Britain at present. At the topic link, right click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” to download the audio file.

Fable of the Dragon Tyrant 29 mins – “Dr. J. reads Dr. Nick Bostrom’s allegory of the struggle to stop aging, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. (First broadcast in December of 2004)” Download at the link by right-clicking “Listen/View” and selecting “Save Link As.”

Cell Phone Surveillance 51 mins – “Cell phones companies know a good deal about their customers:they know with whom they communicate, where they travel, and content of their text messages. This information can be a treasure trove for law enforcement agencies. Last year local, state and federal law enforcement groups made an estimated 1.3 million requests to cell phone companies for information on subscribers, and this number is growing. Current law is murky when it comes to what customer information cell phone companies are required to divulge, but most cell phone users are unaware of how slim their privacy protections actually are.” Five guests discuss the subject. The link only allows online listening, but the program is included in the zipped file of podcasts noted in the header for this edition.

Food Stamp Program 51mins – “One in seven Americans receives food stamps, a number that’s up sharply since the financial crisis. Most experts agree unemployment and underemployment have contributed to the number of people in need of food assistance. The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a measure that would cut nearly two million people from the program and cause 280,000 children to lose free meals. Anti-poverty advocates call it unconscionable. But supporters of the cuts say the food stamp program is inefficient and many people are receiving benefits who are not truly in need. Diane and her [3] guests discuss the cost of feeding America’s poor.” The link only allows online listening, but the program is included in the zipped file of podcasts noted in the header for this edition.

Gun Control 52 mins – “In the wake of the Colorado shootings, national debate over gun control is in the spotlight, but most politicians are remaining silent. Diane and her [4] guests discuss the absence of political debate over gun control in an election year.” The link only allows online listening, but the program is included in the zipped file of podcasts noted in the header for this edition.

3D Printing Law 51 mins – The first topic of several concerns 3D printers and intellectual property concerns. This is followed by legislation for digital and intellectual property, and finally some comments about cell phone surveillance and reference to 1.3 million requests last year (see the other entry above on the same topic).  A link to the show notes at the topic link presents numerous links and references to discussion topics and issues.   At the link right click “Audio” next to the down-pointing blue arrow on the right and select “Save Link As” to download the podcast.

Powered Flight History  60 mins – “From the first flight to supersonic air-travel was achieved in under 50 years. To discover what made it all possible we look at the advances in technology, engineering and materials that were needed, and the social and political pressures that drove the field forward since the first tentative steps toward take-off in the 1870s…” Go to the link to download.

Discount Rates Impact 18 mins – “Given a choice between $50 now and $100 in a month, many people would take the money now. But offered $50 in a year, or $100 in 13 months, they’d wait the extra month to double their money.The lesson: People have a “present bias,” says Frank Partnoy, a professor of law and finance at the University of San Diego. “So people have more impatience in a one-month time period than they do in a one-year time period.”This turns out to have immense implications for public policy — implications that add up to many trillions of dollars over time, and mean the difference between valuing the lives of future generations at a few pennies, or hundreds of billions of dollars.Consider: If it would cost several trillion dollars to save Los Angeles from being wiped off the map by massive floods that are likely to occur only once every few hundred years, is it worth it? The answer hinges on the discount rate — the rate you use to size up future costs.” Go to the link, locate the title, “#388: Putting A Price-Tag On Your Descendants,” right click “Media files npr_157122026.mp3” and select “Save Link As”.

Router Firmware Flashing 30 mins – “Today you’ll be able to unleash the power of your router using DD-WRT. You’ll know how to flash your router’s firmware!” The video version is slightly more useful than the audio, if you attempt this. Of note is the 30-30-30  step requires the reset button to be depressed for the entire 90 second period. Download the file at the link by right-clicking “Download” beside the down-pointing arrow at the left margin and selecting “Save Link As”.

Transitional Justice 92 mins – “Transitional justice measures such as trials, truth commissions and compensation have been used in countries around the world to redress the legacies of violent conflict and widespread human rights violations, which often trigger large-scale displacement. These mechanisms have not consistently addressed displacement as a human rights concern, or engaged refugees and internally displaced persons as key stakeholders. However, recent research suggests that transitional justice may be part of an effective response to forced migration. At the same time, incorporating displacement may strengthen transitional justice initiatives. On July 26, the Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement and the International Center for Transitional Justice presented the results of a multiyear collaborative research project on the relationship between forced migration and transitional justice, including the launch of the new book entitled Transitional Justice and Displacement (Social Science Research Council, 2012).” Download the file at the link by right-clicking “Download” beside the down-pointing arrow at the left margin and selecting “Save Link As”.

Venter’s Work, Higgs Boson, Open Access 34 mins – “Alok Jha meets the celebrated scientist Craig Venter, one of the world’s leading biologists. Dr Venter has made numerous contributions to genomic research and is a pioneer in the emerging field of synthetic biology. In May 2010, he made headlines around the world after creating what he called “the world’s first synthetic life form” by putting together an artificial chromosome and inserting it into a single-celled bacterium. Venter was the keynote speaker at this year’s European Science Open Forum at which he updated a very influential lecture in the history of biology. In 1943, the physicist Erwin Schrödinger gave a series of talks at Trinity College in Dublin entitled “What Is Life?”. These were published a year later as a book and focused on an important question posed by Schrödinger: “How can the events in space and time which take place within the spatial boundary of a living organism be accounted for by physics and chemistry?” The topic link is to a 34 min segment devoted to Venter. A second segment of equal length covers a short interview with Venter plus discussions of the Higgs-like Bosun and open access to scientific journals. Both segments can be downloaded at the respective links by right-clicking “Download MP3” and selecting “Save Link As.”

The 95 feeds used to prepare this weekly blog are gathered using Feedreader3 and are available as an opm file at Google Docs. A PDF of feeds is also available there. Free Commander is used to compare old and new downloads to remove duplicates. MP3SpeedChanger is used to change playback speed of multiple files as a batch. A speed listening background article here. Sixty-four podcasts for 2010 and earlier at 1.5x are listed alphabetically in this PDF and can be downloaded in two sections as zip files: Part 1 and Part 2  each holding about 350 MB. For 2011 this alphabetical PDF list of 184 podcasts at 1.5x is available, and the actual files can be downloaded in five segments: Part 1 to 5  (Part  1 – 276 MB; P2 – 291 MB; P3 – 284; P4 – 153 MB, and P5 – 256 MB). Please leave a comment if you have problems with the links and downloads. A similar list and downloads for 362 podcasts for Jan-Jun 2012 is here. Those podcasts are grouped into eight zipped files for easier downloading. Multiple parts are used due to a 300MB limit on file size uploads.

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