Media Mining Digest 45 – Sep 21, 2012: Slinky Training, Ethics Navigation, Suicide Story, Mexico’s Growth, U.S. Latino Impact, Disaster Recovery, ENCODE, Microbes R Us, Domestic Terrorism, Autism, Coral Reef Survival, Electric Vehicles, Science Career Selection, Rabies, Online Classes, Paper Towels, Comparing Renewables, Payment Card Industry, Dick DeBartolo, Reproducing Experiments, Harrisburg Bankruptcy, Italian Pasta Co.

The following audio files were selected from a larger group of 166 for the last week. The link to each podcast is at the highlighted topic and reached by double-clicking or ctrl-clicking it. All 24 podcasts converted to 1.5x speed can also be downloaded as a single 115 MB zip file here for four months.

Ethics Navigation 52 mins – “Randy Cohen never set out to be a paragon of virtue. Though he spent a dozen years writing an ethics column for “The New York Times Magazine,” his previous career was as an Emmy-winning comedy writer. As “The Ethicist,” Cohen tackled questions on everything from what’s OK to hold back from your spouse to navigating the ethics of social media. Though his column addressed everyday issues, it revealed much about power, money, class and gender. His most surprising letters? He says they were the ones he didn’t receive –- from politicians and CEO’s — the people he believes need to think about ethics most. Diane talks with Randy Cohen about how to make the right choices in a less-than-clear-cut world.” The program can’t be downloaded, can be heard online at the link, and is included in the zip file noted at the top of this page.

Slinky Lessons 14 mins -“Hey kids,” said physicist Tadashi Tokieda, “Wanna see a magic trick?” He pulled out a Slinky and did something that amazed the kids, & their dad Steve Strogatz. Steve, along with Neil deGrasse Tyson, explains what the gravity-defying Slinky trick reveals about the nature of all things great and small (including us).” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” to download.

Suicide Story  33 mins – “Nagui Morcos – ill with Huntington’s disease – was one of very few people in Canada to publicly declare a desire to end his own life.  We have an exclusive final interview in which he and his partner Jan Crowley talk about Nagui’s agonizing decision.” That’s Part One; at the link find “Nagui’s Choice,”  right-click “Media files whitecoat_20120908_57572.mp3,” and select  “Save Link As”. Part Two of 27 mins is “Media files whitecoat_20120915_65768.mp3”: “When Nagui Morcos was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, he vowed he would end his life before the disease robbed him of the ability to do so. On this week’s program we hear about Nagui’s final days and look at his lasting impact.”

Mexico’s Growth 24 mins – “BBC correspondent Will Grant challenges stereotypes as he investigates Mexico’s economy. He talks to industry leaders, workers, politicians and economists.”  At the link locate the title, “Docs: Mexico Rising 08 Sept 2012,” right-click on the “Download” bar and select “Save Link As” to download.

U.S. Latino Impact 48 mins – Two programs, 24 minutes each, one about the Chicago area and the second in Miami.”Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic population in the USA… Claire Bolderson asks whether the Hispanic population could help re-energize the country.” At the link locate the titles, “Can Latinos Save America?” and “Can Latinos Save America? – Part One,” right-click on the “Download” bar and select “Save Link As” to download.

Disaster Recovery 9 mins – “After a natural disaster strikes, there’s only a tiny window of opportunity to rally effective recovery efforts before the world turns their attention elsewhere. Who should be in charge? When a freak tornado hit their hometown, sisters Caitria and Morgan O’Neill — just 20 and 24 at the time — took the reins and are now teaching others how to do the same… When a freak tornado hit her Massachusetts hometown, Caitria O’Neill wasn’t an expert in disaster relief recovery. But she learned quickly and is now passing her knowledge on through the website… Pursuing her PhD in atmospheric science did not prepare Morgan O’Neill for a freak tornado hitting her hometown. With her sister, she helped coordinate a local relief effort and is teaching other towns to do the same through the website” One commenter recommended Sahana software. The web site has this manual which contains spread sheet formats for resources, assets and needs as well as a map element. The software has been tested worldwide, is free, includes lists of specific supplies and can be discussed in workshops held worldwide.  At the link  click the “Download” button, right-click “Download to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As” to download the audio file.

ENCODE  56 mins – The international Encode project is “the most significant shift in scientists’ understanding of the way our DNA operates since the sequencing of the human genome in 2000”. This is the full-length version of an interview with one of the principal investigators on the project, Dr Ewan Birney of the European Bioinformatics Institute near Cambridge. At the link right-click “Download MP3” and select “Save Link As”.

Microbes R Us 14 mins – “Our bodies are covered in a sea of microbes — both the pathogens that make us sick and the “good” microbes, about which we know less, that might be keeping us healthy. At TEDMED, microbiologist Jonathan Eisen shares what we know, including some surprising ways to put those good microbes to work. Jonathan Eisen studies the ecology and evolution of microbial communities — and their co-evolution with their hosts.” At the link  click the “Download” button, right-click “Download to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Domestic Terrorism  52 mins -“On September 16, 1920, a bomb exploded on Wall Street as workers took their lunch break. The explosion killed 38 people and injured hundreds…  The Wall Street attack remained the deadliest terrorist bombing in the U.S. until Oklahoma City in 1995. But at the time, people saw it as just one more bombing in a long string of anarchist attacks that historian Beverly Gage calls America’s “First Age of Terror.”In this hour of BackStory, the History Guys talk with Gage about the origins of domestic terrorism in the United States, and explore the question of what kinds of people and movements have been identified as “terrorists.” Along the way, they trace the relationship between terror and the state, consider lynching as a tactic of terrorism, and take a look at a little-known and unfinished Jack London novel, in which the author grapples with that ultimate question: is terrorism ever justified?” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As.”

Autism 20 mins – “Early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder can improve the lives of everyone affected, but the complex network of causes make it incredibly difficult to predict. At TEDxPeachtree, Ami Klin describes a new early detection method that uses eye-tracking technologies to gauge babies’ social engagement skills and reliably measure their risk of developing autism. Ami Klin is an award winning autism spectrum disorder researcher finding new avenues for early diagnosis.” At the link click the “Download” button, right-click “Download  to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Coral Reef Survival 50 mins – “The Great Barrier Reef and the other great coral reefs are the largest living structures on the planet. They are amongst the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Scientists studying coral reefs say up to one-fifth of the world’s reefs have already been destroyed. So how can the survival of the remaining coral reefs be assured? And how can the world’s growing food and energy demands be met while still protecting fragile coral reefs? Leading reef experts meet in Cairns to discuss the pressures on the world’s coral reefs.” At the link right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As.”

Electric Vehicles  96 mins – Welcome, Bob Simpson of EV Drive! Bob started the new venture once inspired by the Tesla motors story and the white papers they published. Bob converted a BMW 325. There are pictures of the Range Extender (REX) on the e46 page. A proof of concept for the batteries was on a motocross bike, the e-moto-CRF250R. EV Drive is now mostly in the business of supplying subassemblies to other manufacturers and enthusiasts. Higher voltage is better for powering these types of motors. Upwards of 700V out of the battery assembly! Bob used standard A123 battery packs and built a Battery Management System (BMS) around each cell (floating). He also discusses the economics of EV’s and use of solar at his Oregon home. At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” to download the audio file.

Science Career Selection 7 mins – “Jim Austin, editor of Science Careers, describes a new web application called myIDP that helps scientists figure out how best to follow a wide variety of career paths.” At the link locate the title, “Science Policy Podcast – Career Tools for Young Scientists,” right-click” Media files SciencePolicyPodcast_120907.mp3 ” and select “Save Link As” todownload the file.

Rabies 33mins –  Moira Gunn talks about the new book, Rabid: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus, with co-authors Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy. At the link locate the title, “Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy – Rabies,” right-click ” Media files ITC.TN-WasikMurphy-2012.09.06.mp3″ and select “Save Link As” to download.

Online Classes 6 mins – “In the fall of 2011 Peter Norvig taught a class with Sebastian Thrun on artificial intelligence at Stanford attended by 175 students in situ — and over 100,000 via an interactive webcast. He shares what he learned about teaching to a global classroom. Peter Norvig is a leading American computer scientist, expert on artificial intelligence and the Director of Research at Google Inc. “At the link click the “Download” button, right-click “Download  to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Paper Towels 4 mins – “You use paper towels to dry your hands every day, but chances are, you’re doing it wrong. In this enlightening and funny short talk, Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique… Joe Smith is an active figure in the Oregon community and a powerful advocate for proper paper towel use.” At the link click the “Download” button, right-click “Download  to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Comparing Renewables 18 mins – “How much land mass would renewables need to power a nation like the UK? An entire country’s worth. In this pragmatic talk, David MacKay tours the basic mathematics that show worrying limitations on our sustainable energy options and explains why we should pursue them anyway… As an information theorist and computer scientist, David MacKay uses hard math to assess our renewable energy options.” At the link click the “Download” button, right-click “Download  to Desktop (MP3)” and select “Save Link As.”

Payment Card Industry 49 mins –PCI Compliance: “The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards.” Security breaches of all types created the need  and this program discusses how compliance is achieved. It’s a small business show with other topics, including multiple network connections and Hamachi, a handy tool lets you connect two computers via the internet by creating your own virtual private network (VPN)  and protecting it with industry-standard encryption algorithms. At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save File As.”

Dick DeBartolo 59 mins – “Mad’s Maddest Writer and host of The Giz Wiz, talks about The Match Game, Mad Magazine, and much more.” At the link right click the blue arrow next to “Audio” and right-click “Save Link As” to download.

Reproducing Experiments 56 mins – “Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about how incentives in academic life create a tension between truth-seeking and professional advancement. Nosek argues that these incentives create a subconscious bias toward making research decisions in favor of novel results that may not be true, particularly in empirical and experimental work in the social sciences. In the second half of the conversation, Nosek details some practical innovations occurring in the field of psychology, to replicate established results and to publicize unpublished results that are not sufficiently exciting to merit publication but that nevertheless advance understanding and knowledge. These include the Open Science Framework and PsychFileDrawer.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” to download.

Harrisburg Bankruptcy 18 mins – The city of Harrisburg, Pa owes over $1.5 billion. David Unkovic, the city’s former receiver, tried to save the broke city, but his plan just led to political trouble. A few months ago, Unkovic left a scrawled, handwritten note on the steps of the courthouse. “I find myself in an untenable position in the political and ethical crosswinds,” the letter said, “and am no longer in a position to effectuate a solution.”Unkovic fled Harrisburg and stopped answering emails, phone calls, and questions from the press. Until recently. He’s started to speak out about what drove Harrisburg into debt — and what drove him out of town.  At the link find the title, “#397: Why The Hero Of Harrisburg Couldn’t Save The City,” right-click ” Media files npr_160016206.mp3″ and select “Save Link as” to download.

Italian Pasta Co.  26 mins -“A decade ago, the Barilla pasta factory in Foggia, Italy, had a big problem with people skipping work. The absentee rate was around 10 percent. People called in sick all the time, typically on Mondays, or on days when there was a big soccer game. Foggia is in southern Italy. Barilla’s big factory in northern Italy had a much lower absentee rate. This is not surprising; there’s a huge economic gap between southern and northern Italy. It’s like two different countries. Barilla execs told Nicola Calandrea, the manager of the Foggia plant, that they would close the factory unless he brought the absenteeism rate down. Calandrea decided that to save the factory, he had to change the culture. On today’s show, we visit the factory and hear how Calandrea made it work.” At the link locate the titel, “#400: What Two Pasta Factories Tell Us About The Italian Economy,” right-click “Media files npr_160778635.mp3” and select “Save Link As” to download.

Over 100 feeds are used to prepare this weekly blog, harvested with Feedreader3. The feeds are available as an opm file at Google Docs. A PDF of feeds is also available there. Free Commander is used to compare old and new downloads to remove duplicates each week. MP3SpeedChanger is applied to change playback speed of multiple files as a batch. A speed listening background article is here. Sixty-four podcasts for 2010 and earlier at 1.5x are listed alphabetically in this PDF and can be downloaded in two sections as zip files, Part 1 and Part 2, each holding about 350 MB. For 2011 an alphabetical PDF list of 184 podcasts at 1.5x is available, and the actual files can be downloaded in five segments: Part 1 to 5 (Part 1 – 276 MB; P2 – 291 MB; P3 – 284; P4 – 153 MB, and P5 – 256 MB). A similar list and downloads for 362 podcasts for Jan-Jun 2012 is here.Those podcasts are grouped into eight zipped files for easier downloading. Multiple parts are used due to a 300MB limit on file size uploads. A similar group for the last half of 2012 will be available in Jan 2013. A commenter recommended this $1.99 iPhone/iPad app for mobile devices; leave a comment if you try it. Please leave a comment if you have problems with the links and downloads.

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