3 Responses to Media Mining Digest 74 – Apr 12, 2013: Afghanistan Civil Affairs, Blind Bargains App, Business Cycles, California Levees, Chautauqua Institute, College Sports, Colorado Shootings, David Stockman, Disability Program, Electronic Discovery, Faulty Beliefs, Financial Advisors, Flight Surgeon, Google for Lawyers, Hizballah in Europe, Hizballah’s Criminal Activity, Immigration Policy Pitfalls, Information Security for Lawyers, Inner City Drug Fix, K-T Extinction, Law Firm Hacking, London Congestion, Metadata Can Hurt, North Korea Illegal Economy, NYPD History, Oklahoma City Bombing, Premed Education, Self Defense Lights, Sister Scientists, Small Arms Survey – Origins, St Croix Bridge, Toms River Disaster, Virtual Lawyers, War on Drugs, Women in Business

  1. lsattrchattr says:

    Hello. Is the google docs link in this post correct? I went to the link and downloaded the .zip file, which was named MMD55.zip, but that file doesn’t seem to have the Diane Rehm interview of David Stockman, the K-T Extinction show, and others. tia.

    • virginiajim says:

      Please forgive the delay in answering. You have identified a bad link; my apologies. Try this link. The bad link has been replaced with the new one. Let me know if you have any other problems.

      Thanks for letting me know.


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