Media Mining Digest 202 – Sep 25, 2015: Africa Surprising, Archeology in Britain, Asperger and Autism, Brain Stimulation Technologies, Broadband, Broadway Theater, Child Soldiers, Childhood Incurable Diseases, Climate Justice Day, Computer Disaster Recovery, DNA Resurrection, E-Cigarettes, Education Evolution, Enemies and Angels, Fantasy Team Gambling, Farm Labor, George Carlins Daughter, Haitian Aid Failure, Heart Failure Treatment, Housing Discrimination, Indian History, Japanese Humor, Jihad Definition, Job Market, Justice Breyer, Marriage Licenses, Movie Making, Refugee Crisis, Regan Years, Salmon Sushi, Schlumberger Brothers, Spectrum Auctions, Sudden Cardiac Death, Supreme Court Women, Syrian War, Trade with Canada, Trolls, Tumor Paint, Umake App, Walt Disney, Yemen War

The best 43 podcasts from a larger group of 226 for the week are shown below. Double or ctrl-click individual highlighted titles to get single podcasts and explore the source, although it’s easier to get all of them as a zip file here for the next four months.  A collection of over 7300 similar podcasts grouped by topic can be downloaded here. Just note those files total over 40GB and take awhile to transfer.  The first entry of that collection is a text file listing all the titles for quick searches and researching.  All these abstracts have also been assembled alphabetically in two large free volumes at this link and are updated quarterly.  Even more diversity is possible using a podcast aggregator loaded with this opml file of 256 sources so even the discarded podcasts can be downloaded and you can make your own selected list.

Africa Surprising P1 27 mins – “Hugh Sykes travels to Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archepelago in Tanzania, to investigate the religious tensions at play. In South Africa he finds schools still overcrowded and under-equipped – a lingering shadow of the Apartheid education system. He meets the growing business elite with a taste for fine wines, and reports on the increasing influence of China on the region.” At the link find the title, “Africa Surprising -Change and Innovation,” right-click “Media files,” right-click “p032ksh6.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Africa Surprising P2 -27 mins – “ Stories of change from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa. Hugh Sykes meets those bringing positive change in the fields of education, health, woman’s rights and the media.” At the link find the title, “Africa Surprising – Signs of Change,” right-click “Media files p031xmc8.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Archeology in Britain 37 mins – “Here’s a bonus episode featuring about 30 minutes from the full 2 hour interview I did with Dr. Andrew Jones of the Jorvik Viking Center.” At the link find the title, “Bonus Episode – Jorvik: I’m Not Dead Edition,” right-click “Media files bonus.mp3”and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Asperger and Autism 66 mins – “This week, on our 100th episode, we remember Oliver Sacks, neurologist, author, and mentor to Indre. We talk to Steve Silberman—who was also close with Sacks, about his legacy and influence on, among many other things, Silberman’s latest book, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity.” At the link find the title, “100 Steve Silberman – Remembering Oliver Sacks / The Legacy of Autism,” right-click “Media files 93aa88ab-c8fe-460d-a7e5-3e233ef1a414.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Brain Stimulation Technologies 34 mins – “ In Episode #94, Dr. James Giordano joins Jesse for a conversation about brain stimulation technologies that work both through the skull (trans-cranial electric stimulation, or tES, and trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, or tMS) and by way of invasive surgical procedures (deep brain stimulation, or DBS). What is today’s state-of-the art and what might it be in the very near future? Throw in a spirited conversation about neuroethics — Dr. Giordano consults DARPA on these issues, helping to keep the U.S. military’s most sci-fi branch ethically on-track — and you’ve got an episode that will leave your brain fully charged.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Broadband in Australia 58 mins – “NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow addresses the National Press Club in Canberra… The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live.” At the link find the title, “National Press Club: Bill Morrow,” right-click “Media files NPCc_BillMorrow_1609_512k.mp4” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Broadband in North Carolina 23 mins – “Salisbury’s municipal FTTH network, Fibrant is the first citywide 10 Gbps network in the nation. Located in North Carolina, Salisbury is also one of very few municipal citywide fiber networks that was built by a city without a municipal electric plant. This week, Salisbury Director of Broadband and Infrastructure, Kent Winrich, joins us for Episode 168 of the Community Broadband Bits podcast. We talk about why Salisbury opted to build its own fiber network and then supercharge it with enough upgrades to be able to offer 10 Gbps capacity throughout the community. We discuss economic development opportunities and how those outside of Salisbury would like to see it expand.” At the link right-click “…download this Mp3…” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Broadway Theater 70 mins – “Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a Broadway show? This week’s EconTalk lifts the curtain on the magical world of Broadway: Mitch Weiss, co-author of The Business of Broadway, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his book and what it’s like to manage the production of a blockbuster musical in New York City. Topics discussed include the eight-performance-per-week grind, the how and why of creating a Broadway set, the challenges of wardrobes (domestic and international) and the pluses and minuses of unions which are a central part of the Broadway workplace.” At the link find the title, “Mitch Weiss on the Business of Broadway,” right-click “Media files Weissbroadway.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Child Soldiers 47 mins – “From domestic abusers to former child soldiers, there is increasing evidence that behavioral therapy can turn them around.” At the link find the title, “’I Don’t Know What You’ve Done With My Husband, But He’s a Changed Man.,’” right-click “Media files freakonomics podcast091615.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Childhood Incurable Diseases 28 mins – “Six smart, strong women – mothers of children with complex diseases – are on a mission to make the system better. Not just for them but for you.” At the link find the title, “White Coat Black Art – One More Thing Moms Club,” right-click “Download White Coat Black Art – One More Thing Moms Club” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Climate Justice Day 57 mins – “The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International is calling for a Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action on September 29th, 2015, in light of the December 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP21, where world governments will work towards finalizing a climate agreement that will have profound impacts on our global trajectory. There are a number of ways to participate in the day of action, and we will discuss them with Osprey Orielle Lake, co-Founder and Executive Director of WECAN International.” At the link right-click “Download MP3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Computer Disaster Recovery 77 mins – Ernest Garner from talks about concepts, examples and tips for protecting and recovering small business computer systems from power outages, fires, hurricanes and other disasters. At the link right-click “Download MP3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

DNA Resurrection 58 mins – “How do you clone a mammoth? We asked Beth Shapiro. Shapiro is associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the author of How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction.” At the link find the title, “102 Beth Shapiro – The Science of De-Extinction,” right-click “Media files 3d333224-fc90-4324-b786-aa04e3547344.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

ECigarettes 27 mins – “White Coat Black Art’s season premiere on Saturday September 12 looks at e-cigs.” At the link find the title, “White Coat – The Fog Around Ecigarettes,” right-click “Download White Coat – The Fog Around Ecigarettes” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Education Evolution 53 mins – “Many jobs have been taken from workers and given to computers. There are obvious ones like assembly line operators, but consider this: computers are now writing reports and driving cars. Even jobs you may think are secure might not be. But while the economy is changing, our education system is still based on a model created for the industrial revolution. So how do we best prepare students? It’s the question at the heart of filmmaker Greg Whiteley’s lastest documentary. It’s called “Most Likely to Succeed,” and it’s screening in Utah next week.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Enemies and Angels 54 mins – “When Najah Aboud got wounded during the Iran-Iraq war, he crawled into a bunker to die. It was there that the Iraqi soldier was found by Iranian medic, Zahed Haftlang. Zahed made a split-second decision: to save his enemy’s life. So he risked his own — twice — to get Najah to a field hospital. Neither man knew that nearly twenty years later, and on the other side of the world, a breathtaking coincidence would reunite them in another life-saving encounter .” At the link find the title, Enemies and Angels (Encore Dec 23, 2014),” right-click here or there, Download Enemies and Angels” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Fantasy Team Gambling 38 mins – “On this episode of Slate Money, host Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann discuss some questionable risks.” At the link find the title, “The Bad Odds Edition,” right-click “Media files SM15091201_money.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Farm Labor 89 mins – “Join the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) for an expert discussion on the findings of the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS), including data that illustrate that the workforce on U.S. crop farms, which is composed largely of unauthorized Mexican immigrants, is aging and increasingly settled in the United States. Panelists provided an overview of farm labor in 2015; discussed trends demonstrated by the NAWS; and examined how fading prospects for comprehensive immigration reform, the expansion of the H-2A program, and possible eligibility for deferred action programs may impact the agricultural workforce. The discussion also included an analysis of possible future policies that could impact immigrant workers in the agricultural sector.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

George Carlin‘s Daughter 74 mins – “Writer, producer and performer Kelly Carlin joins Gilbert and Frank at the New York Friars Club to promote her new memoir, “A Carlin Home Companion” and to share treasured (and not-so-treasured) memories of growing up with the man who forever changed and redefined the art of standup comedy, the legendary George Carlin. Also, Kelly hangs with Sammy Davis Jr., seduces Leif Garrett, borrows Farrah Fawcett’s shampoo and recites the “7 Words You Can Never Say on Television.” PLUS: Burns and Carlin! Burns and Schreiber! The “Danny Kaye Plan”! Otto & George! And Gottfried Sings Again!” At the link find the title,”Kelly Carlin,” right-click “Enclosure: select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Haitian Aid Failure 54 mins – “There are 50,000 PhD candidates in Canada, toiling away in relative obscurity, immersing themselves in fascinating research that rarely sees the light of day. In this episode, producers Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic meet recent Western University PhD graduate Marylynn Steckley. She spent six years in Haiti, learning about the effects of slavery, colonialism and racism, and finding inspiration in an emerging peasant movement.” At the link find the title, “Ideas From The Trenches – Just Trying to Help,” right-click here or there “Download Ideas From The Trenches – Just Trying to Helpand select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Heart Failure Treatment 88 mins – “Dr. Munir Janmohamed discuss what is heart failure including signs and symptoms; different types of heart failure; when to go to the doctor; and various diagnostic tests. Dr. Van Selby follows with a discussion on heart failure including how to treat and stay out of the hospital as well as diet, exercise, pharmacologic management, and EP device management. Dr. Liviu Klein will discuss late stage heart failure and the options.” At the link right-click “Audio MP3,” then select “Save Link As”from the pop-up menu.

Housing Discrimination 52mins – “There’s been a series of events that are shining a spotlight on an issue that typically doesn’t receive a lot of attention: housing. From the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, to a major Supreme Court decision, to David Simon’s new TV show “Show Me A Hero,” people are talking about why many of the country’s neighborhoods continue to be deeply segregated and what this means for minority communities and race relations. In 1968, Congress passed the Fair Housing Act. Nearly half a century later, we discuss new questions about housing discrimination and the role of the government in addressing the problem.” At the link you can listen, but not download; however, a copy is included in the blog archive.

Indian History 50 mins – “Profiles of the Buddha; Mahavira Jain; Ashoka and Aryabhata. Rupa Jha introduces four portraits of eminent Indians by Professor Sunil Khilnani.” At the link find the title, “Incarnations 1,” right-click “Media files p0328c0r.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Japanese Humor 27 mins – “In the West we are used to stand-up comics but in Japan they have sit-down comedy. Chie Kobayashi introduces the ancient story-telling art of Rakugo which dates back to the 18th Century and has changed little over the centuries.” At the link find the title, “Time Noodles,” right-click “Media files p032lrwv.mp3” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Jihad Definition 54 mins – “For many non-Muslims, jihad is synonymous with violence. We’ve all seen images of ISIS and other extremists using the term to justify their butchery. But jihad is traditionally defined as a noble endeavour — more about how to live than how to die. In this documentary, contributor Naheed Mustafa looks at the origins of jihad, how it’s been transformed into a narrowly defined call to fight — and what can be done to reclaim it.”At the link find the title, “The Struggle Over Jihad,” right-click here or there “Download The Struggle Over Jihadand select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Job Market 47 mins – “It has been a long road back for the American job market. And although there are some bright spots – job openings are at a record high – there are plenty of workers eager for better opportunities, or even any opportunity. We’ll dig into the numbers, to understand what employers, and job seekers, are seeing. What it means to cobble together part-time gigs. Where the best opportunities are. And we’ll also look at new pushes across the country for a higher minimum wage. This hour, On Point, a big look at the labor market.“ At the link right-click “Download this story” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Justice Breyer 52 mins – “Justice Stephen Breyer is heading into his 22nd year on the Supreme Court. During that time, he has been one of the most outspoken judges regarding the law and the inner workings of America’s judiciary system. In his latest book, “The Court and the World,” Justice Breyer takes on the question of how much Supreme Court justices should consider the international legal landscape. A decade ago, a congressman tried to make citing a foreign court an impeachable offense. Today, Breyer argues, we are simply too interconnected to ignore what goes on beyond our borders. Breyer talks with Diane about recent decisions and why he believes the U.S. Supreme Court needs to be more global in its perspective.” At the link you can listen, but not download; however, a copy is included in the blog archive.

Marriage Licenses 48 mins – “Sarah Warbelow from the Human Rights Campaign and the Liberty Council’s Mathew Staver talked about the religious and legal arguments over implementing and enforcing same-sex marriage laws nationwide. They also discussed the actions of the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” At the link you can watch/listen, but not download; however, an audio file is in the blog archive.

Movie Making 16 mins – “One Hollywood director leaves the world of big budget blockbusters for something even more lucrative: low budget Hollywood.” At the link find the title, “#650: The Scariest Thing In Hollywood,” right-click “Media files 20150911_pmoney_pmoneypod5.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Refugee Crisis 68 mins – “With refugee arrivals continuing on a scale unprecedented in recent history, the European Union is struggling to deliver a humane, sustainable response that will have the support of all of its Member States. MPI Europe, as part of a joint project on asylum in the EU with the Open Society Foundations, brought together senior officials from some of the Member States to discuss their differing perspectives on the current crisis. They considered what is needed to ensure a unified, practically feasible response to the biggest crisis that has faced the Common European Asylum System since its inception.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Regan Years 52 mins – “America in the 1980s was marked by moments of high drama. In the political sphere, there was the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, and later, in Berlin, Reagan’s challenge to the Soviet Union to “tear down this wall.” The Iran-contra scandal broke, the U.S. and USSR held a high-stakes summit in Iceland and researchers put a name to a strange disease that was terrifying the gay community – aids. A new novel set in the 1980s captures it all. For those who lived through it, the novel brings memories alive. For younger readers, it’s a history lesson with flair. We talk with the author of a new novel on the Reagan years.” At the link you can listen, but not download; however, a copy is included in the blog archive.

Salmon Sushi 23 mins – “Today on the show: How hard could it be to get a nation of sushi lovers to try raw salmon?” At the link find the title, “#651: The Salmon Taboo” right-click “Media files 20150916_pmoney_pmoneypod.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Schlumber Brothers 4 mins – “Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger grew up in the Alsace region on the border between France and Germany. The brothers were avid students of math and science, so Conrad studied physics at the Ecole Polytechnique and Marcel studied engineering at the Ecole Central in Paris. Both brothers worked in the mining industry and Conrad became a professor at the French School of Mines. Conrad was especially interested in earth science and prospecting for mineral deposits. He theorized that mineral bearing rock would conduct more electricity than the rock around it. In 1912, Conrad tested his theory on the family’s estate in Normandy and on iron mines in the area. Conrad successfully mapped surface electric measurements to detect mineral deposits. The mapping also revealed the height, depth and dip of the underground formations. Conrad realized that this new tool could also find oil.” At the link right-click “Click here for audio…” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Spectrum Auctions 29 mins – “Gary Epstein, chair of the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force, discusses broadcast spectrum auctions scheduled for March of 2016, during which broadcast companies will sell low-band airwaves to wireless carriers.” At the link find the title, “Communicators with Gary Epstein,” right-click “Media files program.409815.MP3-STD.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Sudden Cardiac Death 58 mins – “Sudden cardiac death is not the same thing as a heart attack. Heart attacks usually cause chest pain and only sometimes cause sudden death. UCSF’s Dr. Bryan Lee discusses what can be done to recognize the person at risk for sudden cardiac death and what newer treatments are available.” At the link right-click “Audio MP3,” then select “Save Link As”from the pop-up menu.

Supreme Court Women 32 mins – “Dahlia sits down with Linda Hirshman, author of Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World. Hirshman recounts the two women’s rise to the SCOTUS bench and reflects on the impact they’ve had.” At the link find the title, “Sandra and Ruth,” right-click “Media files amicus150912_amicus.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Syrian War 47 mins – “Hundreds and thousands of migrants have flooded into Europe this year, the worst refugee crisis since World War II — risking it all, packed onto rafts at sea, in the backs of trucks and trains. Syrians — fleeing a brutal civil war — are half of the European migrants. And there are four million more — living in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey. They witnessed the deaths of family and neighbors. They abandoned their bombed-out towns —Aleppo, Homs, Daraa. And the war rages on, with no end in sight. Russia, Iran holding up the faltering Assad regime. The US bombing ISIS and training moderate rebels.” At the link right-click “Download this story” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Trade with Canada 55 mins – “As the federal election campaign winds on, we bring you a series of Michael Enright’s interviews with former prime ministers, related to the issues that defined their tenure. In this episode: Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney and John Turner.” The main topic was trade negotiations with a brief though interesting coverage of Canadian gun control. At the link find the title, “The Enright Files – The Prime Ministers,” right-click “Media files ideas_20150914_72354.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Trolls 21 mins – “Ethnographer Whitney Phillips embedded with the trolls of 4chan, observing for years how anonymous members of its subversive “/b/” forum memed, pranked, harassed, and abused, all for the “lolz” — the thrill of doing something shocking. The result: a book, “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture,” that sheds light on how and why trolls do what they do….” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Tumor Paint 22 mins – “When Dr. Jim Olson finished his university studies more than two decades ago, he was consumed by an important question: Would it be possible to light up a cancer cell? If so, Olson suspected it could improve the results of many cancer surgeries. When surgeons remove a tumor, it can be hard to identify where the cancer cells start and end. This is especially true for brain tumors, where leaving behind part of a tumor – or cutting too far into the surrounding tissue – can have devastating consequences. To overcome this problem, Olson worked with researchers at Seattle Children’s and the University of Washington to develop an innovative “tumor paint” – a drug that finds and attaches to tumor cells, illuminating them to show surgeons exactly where to cut. The experimental technique has been shown to illuminate brain, prostate, breast, colon, skin and other cancers and is now advancing to human clinical trials. Olson’s goal is for the technique to spark such dramatic improvement that we will look back and consider it barbaric that we ever did surgery without such guidance.” At the link click “Download,” then right-click “SD” beside the down-pointing arrow and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Umake App 17 mins – “UMake is a powerful iPad App that enables users to quickly and intuitively sketch and share their ideas in 3D. Harnessing the power of the iPad, UMake gives a new dimension to the humble sketch, transforms the idea of the 3D sketch into reality.” At the link click “Download options,” right-click “Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Walt Disney 52 mins – “Monday, we’re examining the life and legacy of one of America’s most influential storytellers, Walt Disney. Not only did he elevate animation to a cinematic art form, he also invented the theme park and established a media and marketing empire. But despite his achievements, Disney was a polarizing figure in his day, and he remains so nearly 50 years after his death. The PBS series American Experience has produced an extensive documentary about Disney and we’ll talk about it with director Sarah Colt.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Yemen War 27 mins – “More than 2000 civilians have been killed since a coalition led by Saudi Arabia began bombing Yemen. The UN is warning of war crimes on both sides and a humanitarian crisis.” At the link find the title, “Yemen’s Forgotten War,” right-click “Media files p032nmyw.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

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