Media Mining Digest 278 – Mar 10, 2017: Acne Researcher, Adversity Management, Algorithm Pros and Cons, Amazon Creator, Analog Returns, Anxiety Treatment, App Systems, Arctic Geoengineering, Baidu Co-Founder, Bitcoin in China, Black Comics, Blind Rapper, Book Publishing Changes, Business Model Modules, Cancer Cure, Clean Tech, Community College, Conservation International Creativity, CRISPR Editing, Culture Engineer, da Vinci Robotics, Democratic Party Future, Dental Appliances, Disabled Child Story, Disruptive Technology, Dorothy Kilgallen Death, Drugs and Politics, Elon Musk, Embodied Cognition, Enchantment Speaking, Energy Enterprises, Engineers without Borders, Entrepreneur First Steps, European Security, Farmers Social Media, Fat Organ, Feminism, Financial Startups, Food We Eat, Genentech History, George P Shultz, Ghost Writer, Google Creativity, Government Failure, Government IT Problems, Gun Culture, Hadoop Computing, High Altitude Bioprospecting, HubSpot, Human Trafficking, Humanity Upgrade, Infrastructure in NH, Innovative Lifestyle, Instagram Creator, International Security, Internet Businesses, Internet Trends, Investigative Technology, Investing Idea, Investors Versus Innovators, iPhone101, Islamaphobia in Canada, Japanese Trade Policy, Khan Academy Story, Lemongrass Repellent, Lucky People, Manufacturing in U.S., Maya Angelou, Medical Engineer, Medical Technology Innovation, Music Business, Narco Economics, Narcolepsy, Network Revolution, Neurogenative Disease, Olin Engineering College, Opportunities and Problems, Pain Perception, Paleo Diet, Passive Investing, Peregrine Falcons, Performance Versus Power, Pesticides Can Be Friendly, Political Activism, Political Humor, Prairie Protection, Presidents Secrets, Prosthetic Limbs, Rabbit and Giraffe, Refugee Children in Greece, Refugee Rescues in Canada, Reinventing Yourself, San Quentin Last Mile, Science Pros and Cons, Seagrams Building Creator, Semiconductor Fabrication, Sexual Harassment, Silicon Valley Bank, Skybox Satellites, Social Innovation, Solar Panel Business, Space Flight Software, Space Race, Space Satellites, Spanish Culture, Stanford Dropout, Stanford Impact Study, Startup Company Fixes, Startup Failures, Startup Standouts, Startx, STEM Education, Stockton Councilman, Synthetic Biology, Technology Future, Technology Journalism, Transgender Life, Treadmill History, Trump Homeland Security Rules, Trump Skulduggery, Tulip Fad, TV History, Ukraine Conflict, UN History, Vaccine Race, Venture Capitalist Story, Vikings Demise, Visual Effects Industry, Washington’s Farewell Speech, Wolves in Washington State, Women Entrepreneurs, World War One Women Reporters, Yahoo Operator, Zukerberg

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Acne Researcher 52 mins – “Katie Rodan, co-founder of Proactiv Solution talks about her personal journey from a resident in the medical school program to an entrepreneur. She shares the trials and tribulations of her experience in the creation of Proactiv, a globally recognized skin care product.” At the link find the title, “The Story of Proactiv Solution – Katie Rodan (Proactiv) Apr, 2006,” right-click “Media files rodan060419.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Adversity Management 59 mins – “Former California State Senator Jackie Speier and best-selling author Deborah Collins Stephens share engaging stories about taking risks, learning from failure, overcoming adversity, and challenging the status quo based on their extensive leadership experience.” At the link find the title, “Overcoming Adversity and Taking Risks – Jackie Speier, Deborah Stephens (Former St Senator), May, 2007,” right-click “Media files speier070509.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Algorithm Pros and Cons 56 mins – “Humans like to let others make decisions for them. But what happens when those decisions are made by machines or artificial intelligence? Can we trust them to make the right choices?” At the link find the title, “Downloading Decision: Could machines make better decisions for us?Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20170223_72286.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Amazon History 58 mins – “Diego Piacentini, Senior VP of International Retail for Amazon, discusses the company’s growth-centered business model, its global presence, and the strides it takes to sustain a successful customer experience. Piacentini also describes Amazon’s innovative approaches to operations, mergers and acquisitions, and labor practices.” At the link find the title, “Customer Focus Builds Global Growth – Diego Piacentini (Amazon), Nov, 2010,” right-click “Media files piacentini101103.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Analog Returns 52 mins – “A funny thing happened on the way to digital utopia: we rekindled our love affairs with the very analog goods and ideas that tech gurus insisted we no longer needed. What once looked outdated—stuff like paper notebooks, LP records, and board games—is cool again, breathing new life into many businesses that deal in tangible things. The writer David Sax calls this trend the “Revenge of Analog.” In a new book, he explores the real things renaissance, and he’ll join us Thursday to talk about it. David Sax is a writer and journalist whose work appears regularly in Bloomberg Businessweek and The New Yorker’s Currency blog, among others. His new book is called The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Anxiety Treatment 73 mins – “Professor Paul Salkovskis talks about understanding and treating anxiety.” At the link find the title,”Professor Paul Salkovskis inaugural lecture: Understanding and treating anxiety, Jun, 2012,” right-click “Media files 241602796-uniofbath-professor-paul-salkovskis-inaugural-lecture-understanding-and-treating-anxiety.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

App Systems 60 mins – “Sharing inspirations from both innovative companies and works of art, entrepreneur and technology sage Tim O’Reilly weaves together a series of thoughtful lessons for startups. From rethinking workflows and experiences to the valuable role of idealism in business, O’Reilly makes the case for entrepreneurs to work on the hard problems that matter.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Arctic Geoengineering 25 mins – “This plan could not come soon enough, with some forecasters saying the Arctic could be ice-free by 2030.” At the link find the title, “Feb 20: Can a $500 billion geoengineering project save the Arctic from melting? 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170220_15025.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Baidu Co-Founder 53 mins – “Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, speaks in detail about the launch and growth of the company and the search engine. He discusses how its intimate understanding of Chinese language and culture – and a unique social approach to search – have allowed it to succeed where many North American search giants have faltered.” At the link find the title, “Lessons From China: The Evolution of The Globe’s Largest Search Engine – Li (Baidu), Sept, 2009,” right-click “Media files li090923.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bitcoin in China 58 mins – “Bobby Lee, the co-founder and CEO of leading Bitcoin financial platform BTCC, answers some of the most common questions about the cryptocurrency, explains how its value is set and why it is the perfect monetary system for the digital age. Lee also shares familiar lessons for entrepreneurs that he learned launching his first startup in China.” At the link find the title, “Why Bitcoin Makes Sense – Bobby Lee (BTCC), May, 2016,” right-click “Media files lee160511.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Black Comics 17 mins – “This week we talk to Dr. Sheena Howard about her film, “Remixing Colorblind.”  The documentary examines perceptions about race on college campuses through discussions with students and educators. The film looks at how the educational system shapes students’ understanding of race and race relations. Howard is an associate professor of communication at Rider University andan award-winning author who received the 2014 Eisner Award for her first book, “Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation.” At the link find the title, “If you think your approach to race is ‘colorblind,’ you’re wrong, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files sheena-howard-web.mp3”and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Black List – High Noon 47 mins – “Journalist Glenn Frankel talks about a chapter of paranoia and persecution in America, in which the president, Congress, the courts and the press all played a part. Frankel’s new book is about the Hollywood Blacklist and the making of the classic film ‘High Noon,’ which was written as a parable about the blacklist.” At the link find the title, “February 21, 2017 The Hollywood Blacklist and the Classic Western ‘High Noon’” click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Blind Rapper 13 mins – “Sometimes you come across a person who is doing some remarkable work and facing challenges that would throw a person off coarse, Antyenette Walker, AKA Young Ant, is taking on all her challenges and enhancing her opportunities by doing the tough work of adjustment to blindness. Her words, lyrics and music is her way of coping and sharing her story while lifting up the spirits of her listeners and supporters she calls Team Ant. Young Ant talks about her journey, her story and how her music has come to be. How she uses her music to inspire others and all this when just over a dozen months ago, Antoinette lost all of her vision. Join us as Young Ant surrounds us with beats, lyrics and words of inspiration.” At the link right-click “Download” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu

Book Publishing Changes 59 mins – “HarperCollins President and CEO Brian Murray discusses the shifting economics of publishing and how his company, which launches 12 new products per day, is working to succeed in this disruptive period. In conversation with STVP Executive Director Dr. Tina Seelig, Murray also talks about issues of digital rights management, his company’s willingness to explore new business models, and how HarperCollins manages relationships with other major players in the space.” At the link find the title, “A Story of Change and Opportunity – Brian Murray, Tina Seelig (HarperCollins),May, 2012,” right-click “Media files murray120509.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Business Model Modules 54 mins – “Entrepreneur and business model innovator Alexander Osterwalder discusses dynamic, yet simple-to-use tools for visualizing, challenging and re-inventing business models. Osterwalder articulates how to use the visual language of his business model canvas framework, and shares stories of how this approach helps organizations of all sizes to better create, deliver and capture value.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Cancer Cure 24 mins – “It won’t work for everyone but a trial underway in Vancouver to sequence the genomes of individual cancers is offering new information on how cancer treatment may be evolving. The Current speaks to the doctor leading the clinical work on this idea.” At the link find the title, “Feb 22: Clinical trial aims to crack cancer code using genome sequencing, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170222_68349.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Cancer Diagnostics 51 mins – “Kim Popovits, President and COO of Genomic Health, Inc., discusses the organizational and technological strategies that have contributed to her success in the biopharmaceutical industry.” At the link find the title, “Strategies in the Biopharmaceutical Industry – Kim Popovits (Genomic Health), Feb, 2006,” right-click “Media files popovits060208.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Cancer Vaccine 52 mins – Pondering the cure for cancer, developing vaccines for genital herpes, seeking that next big scientific breakthrough and mopping a basement floor is a day in the life of this episode’s guest Dr. Jessica Baker Flechtner, Chief Scientific Officer and Biosciences Pioneer at Genocea Biosciences. …In today’s episode, learn from Jessica’s journey and rationale for joining an innovative biosciences startup despite her illustrious research career; her key role in bringing a company from the acquisition of venture capital funding through to going public in year and how she and the Genocea team create a culture of discussing failure and celebrating success that helps them maintain their competitive edge in an ever-changing and demanding pharmaceutical industry. This episode is an intriguing soire into the life of a Biosciences startup pioneer and the challenges that come along with it, we hope you enjoy!” At the link find the title, “043 – Vaccines, Scientific Breakthroughs and Mopping Floors with Dr. Jessica Flechtner of Genocea, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Download this Episode” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Clean Technology 57 mins – “Steve Westly, Founder of clean tech investment firm The Westly Group and former Controller for the state of California, paints a landscape of the present and future opportunities in emerging alternative energy.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Clean Technology 58 mins – “Mohr Davidow Ventures partner Erik Straser offers insight on the unfolding sector of new energy technologies, and discusses how it will be affected by an economy in credit crisis. He unveils the market’s high level of industrial innovation, and offers students of entrepreneurship sound advice on finding the next crest in grand socioeconomic opportunity.” At the link find the title, “The Next Wave of Industry: Global Clean Tech – Erik Straser (MDV), Oct, 2008,” right-click “Media files straser081008.mp3” and select “Save Link As’ from the pop-up menu.

Community Colleges 57 mins – “New Hampshire’s Community College system is made up of seven schools around the state. We check in with Chancellor Ross Gittell about the role the system plays in workforce development; Governor Chris Sununu increased money for the community college system in his budget proposal.  The boost comes after years of frustration among staff about how the system is being run.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu  

Conservation International 53 mins – “In this informative lecture, Conservation International Executive Vice President Jennifer Morris shares her organization’s commitment to creating programs to support sustainable development. Morris articulates the importance of developing innovative financing and business models to address ecosystem services and resource management issues. She also describes the entrepreneurial initiatives her organization has built to sustain partnerships between corporate partners and local communities around the globe.” At the link find the title, “Effective Models for Sustainable Growth – Jennifer Morris (Conservation International), Apr, 2011,” right-click “Media files morris110406.mp3” and select ‘Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Creativity 53 mins – “Tina Seelig, Professor of the Practice in Stanford’s School of Engineering, describes how imagination leads to entrepreneurship, charting the course from rough ideas to polished ventures. Introducing a new framework called the “Inventure Cycle,” Seelig captures the attitudes and actions necessary to foster innovation and bring breakthrough ideas to the world.” At the link find the title, “From Inspiration to Implementation – Tina Seelig (Stanford University), Oct, 2014,” right-click “Media file seelig141015.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

CRISPR Editing 45 mins – “Growing support for human gene-editing. We’ll look at new breakthroughs and the ethical debate.” At the link right-click the arrow under the play butoon beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Culture Engineer 59 mins – “Astro Teller, director of Alphabet’s moonshot factory, X, describes how smart bets on world-changing innovations are aided by a culture that celebrates only the most audacious projects and rewards teams for showing the courage to find the biggest flaws. He also discusses how innovation can be systematized regardless of business type, resources or role at your company.” At the link find the title, “Celebrating Failure Fuels Moonshots – Astro Teller (X), Apr, 2016,” right-click “Media files teller160420.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

da Vinci Robotics History 50 mins – “Lonnie Smith, President and CEO of Intuitive Surgical, discusses Intuitive’s path from start-up to market dominance in the field of surgical robotics.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Democratic Party Future 47 mins – “Democrats hold leadership elections Saturday for the party’s national committee. After Trump’s election, how do they rebuild and start winning again?” At the link click the arrow under the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Dental Appliances 58 mins – “Thomas Prescott, CEO of medical device manufacturer Align Technology, discusses disruptive product innovation and leadership in the medical device industry. Prescott shares the company’s story, including insights on the launch of their signature product, the Invisalign orthodontic system. He also discusses operational trends and the need for sound analysis of financing, product execution, and business development tactics.” At the link find the title, “Leadership and Disruptive Technologies – Thomas Prescott (Align Technology), Oct, 2010,” right-click “Media files prescott101020.mp3”and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Disabled Child Story 22 mins – “Two moms have forced Canada to re-examine the definition of family and who can be parents. Natasha and Lynda are colleagues, platonic friends, neighbours and legal parents to the same little boy. This is the story of Elaan and his two ‘mommas.’” At the link find the title, “Feb 21: How two friends fought to be legal ‘co-mommas’ to a 7-year-old boy — and won, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170221_77741.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Disruptive Technology 59 mins -”Steve Jurvetson, partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, offers perspective on the market opportunities in innovation and technology. Topics discussed include the necessity for utter market disruption, interdisciplinary solutions (particularly across the “bio-nano” life sciences and engineering), and advice for those interested in working in the venture capital arena.” At the link find the title, “Innovation in a Disruptive Environment – Steve Jurvetson (DFJ), Oct, 2009,” right-click “Media files jurvetson091007.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Dorothy Kilgallen Death – “Mark Shaw, Former Criminal Defense Attorney; CNN Legal Analyst; Author, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much Occurring less than two years after JFK’s assassination, the mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen, a “What’s My Line” media star and investigative reporter, remains an enigma. Despite an apparently staged death scene in her apartment, and friends who suspected she had been murdered, no police investigation followed. Relying on fresh evidence secured through discovery of never-before-seen videotaped interviews and secret government documents, Shaw unfolds a murder mystery featuring Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover and Mafia don Carlos Marcello, whose motives included being threatened by Kilgallen’s 18-month investigation into JFK’s death.” At the link right-click “Play Now and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.  

Drugs and Politcs 65 mins – “Professor David Nutt talks about the regulation of drugs including alcohol and tobacco.” At the link find the title, “The science of drug politics, Mar, 2011,” right-click “Media files 241760171-uniofbath-the-science-of-drug-politics.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Elon Musk 61 mins – “The iconic entrepreneur behind SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Paypal shares his predictions for artificial intelligence, renewable energy and space exploration, in conversation with DFJ General Partner Steve Jurvetson at Stanford on Oct. 7, 2015. University President John Hennessy introduces the future-focused discussion, which follows Musk’s journey from his first Internet startup in the mid-nineties to his dream of a Mars colony in the next 20 years.” At the link find the title, “Elon Musk’s Vision for the Future – Elon Musk, Steve Jurvetson (SpaceX and DFJ), Oct, 2015,” right-click “Media files musk151007.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Embodied Cognition 46 mins – “How intelligence lives beyond the brain. In your body. Intelligence, in the flesh.We know from our language that the body is deeply engaged in our understanding of the world. A joke is side-splitting. We get butterflies in our stomach. Our eyes pop with surprise. Our blood runs cold. But my guest today says humans have radically retreated from the wisdom of the body’s signals to a hegemony of the brain, the intellect. In many ways, sitting at keyboards and screens, we’ve abandoned, forgotten the embodied cognition in the work of hands and backs. Time to get it back, he says. This hour On Point, when the brain is not enough. Intelligence in the flesh.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under th eplay button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Enchantment Speaking 63 mins – “Entrepreneur and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki shares the secrets to being enchanting and developing influence through the “pillars of enchantment.” In this funny and engaging lecture, Kawasaki examines the deep value in being likable, creating trust, and taking empowering action. He also shares keys to telling a great story, overcoming resistance, and enchanting your boss and colleagues.” At the link find the title, “Creating Enchantment – Guy Kawasaki (Author), Mar, 2011,” right-click “Media files kawasaki110302.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Energy Enterprises 60 mins – “Former U.S. Undersecretary of Energy Kristina Johnson discusses the empowering experiences of her life and career in academia, government and private industry. In a conversation with STVP’s Tina Seelig, Johnson identifies the strengths of each of these areas to affect change and innovation, and offers lessons in leading a life that can capitalize on new opportunities.” At the link find the title, “Energies that Power a Career – Kristina Johnson, Tina Seelig (Enduring Energy), Feb, 2012,” right-click “Media files johnson120229.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Energy Technology 60 mins – “Tom Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems and current CEO of First Virtual Group, recaps a history of the information technology boom, and pronounces it a nearly stagnant sector. He focuses on the burgeoning interests in energy, healthcare, food and water, and other market possibilities to meet the needs of an expanding, aging, and more affluent global population.” At the link find the title, “Emerging Opportunities in a Post IT Marketplace – Tom Siebel (First Virtual Group), Feb, 2009,” right-click “Media files siebel090211.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Engineers without Borders 59 mins – “National Geographic Explorer Shah Selbe describes how much Earth needs technologists with an entrepreneurial spirit to address global challenges and conserve the planet’s resources. A spacecraft propulsion engineer by training, Selbe shares profound experiences from expeditions in the wild and calls on the next wave of innovators to find their passion and realize that opportunities exist” At the linkf ind the title, “Find Your Niche, Help the World – Shah Selbe (National Geographic Society), Jan, 2015,” right-click “Media files selbe150121.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Entrepreneur First Steps 63 mins – “JOYUS Founder and Chairman Sukhinder Singh Cassidy says entrepreneurs should leverage trademark strengths and lean in all the way when it’s time to deliver. In this lecture, Singh Cassidy explores concepts such as defining operational range, using data to support gut beliefs, and developing the big ideas teams and customers can rally around.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Entrepreneurial Mindset 55 mins – “Go to a good college. Be in the Olympics. Work in TV and become a pilot. These were the goals of a 14-year-old girl who grew up in a town tucked into the mountains just east of Los Angeles. That girl went on to compete in three Olympics, become a sports commentator, an airplane pilot and three-time Stanford graduate. Here’s how Bonny Simi, now the president of JetBlue Technology Ventures, did it all.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

European Security 173 mins – “In recent years numerous new threats have emerged in Europe and across its neighborhood. Several of these represent a resurgence of traditional security threats—from Russia’s annexation of Crimea and destabilization of Western Ukraine, to the rise of Islamic extremism and turmoil in the Middle East, and the terrorism it has bred. Other challenges confronting Europe are of a very different nature. Amid ever-increasing globalization, European societies face new vulnerabilities, including massive waves of migration, the threat of cyberattacks, and coordinated disinformation and anti-establishment campaigns orchestrated by foreign powers. The West’s one truly existential danger, however, may be itself. With a new U.S. president that questions the value of NATO and other international alliances and has expressed an aim to re-engage with Russia, doubts are growing about Washington’s commitment to safeguard Europe’s security. European Council President Donald Tusk has even gone so far as to label the Trump administration a potential threat to Europe’s stability.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Farmers Social Media 39 mins – “How do biotech seeds affect the end user?  If you listened to the “experts” they’d tell you that farmers were forced to buy seeds they didn’t want, because companies controlled their farms. Tell that to Rob Sharkey.  Rob is a farmer in Illinois that has been growing traited seeds his entire life, or at least as far as he can remember.  He’s become an outstanding advocate for agriculture with a great podcast, hordes of loyal followers, and a wonderful grasp on how farming actually works. We need more voices like Rob.  Think about ways we can help you amplify your message.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Fat Organ 24 mins – “Body fat is obsessed over but how well do we understand it? Biochemist Sylvia Tara went on a quest to learn about the fat she’d been battling all her life and shares her findings in The Secret Life of Fat.” At the link find the title, “Feb 23: The truth about fat: the body’s least understood organ, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170223_97854.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Feminism 24 mins – “When a radical movement moves into the mainstream, is that a mark of its success? Or has it been co-opted? In the fight for rights, culture and literary critic Jessa Crispin says not everyone is a worthy fighter. So who gets to be a feminist?” At the link find the title “Feb 23: Why this literary critic rejects modern-day feminism, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170223_62299.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Financial Startups 60 mins – “InDinero Founder Jessica Mah discusses the realities of the startup experience, in conversation with STVP faculty member and entrepreneur Steve Blank. Sharing the early successes and missteps for her company, Mah honestly reveals the lessons she continues to learn while directing inDinero’s path to success through its commitment to customers.” At the link find the title, “A Startup is a Learning Experience – Jessica Mah (inDinero),Nov, 2011,” right-click “Media files mah111130.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Food We Eat 60 mins – “What should we be eating to live a long and healthy life? How is it that some people can eat absolutely anything and stay slim, while others on a ‘healthy’ diet get fat? …Arguing that sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium in our event was acclaimed science writer Gary Taubes, whose new book The Case Against Sugar has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. No one doubts that consuming a lot of sugar is unhealthy, but does the ‘sugar is poison’ theory really tell the whole story? A different explanation lies in a subject that has been getting a lot of attention recently – our gut microbiome. …Setting out the new research on our gut bacteria and debunking many popular myths about diet was Tim Spector, an award-winning scientist who runs the British Gut project…. Joining us was Eran Segal, one of world’s leading scientists in this field, who will explain how his lab can wire you up and predict precisely which carbohydrates you should and shouldn’t eat so as to prevent weight gain and be healthy. The results can be surprising. In 60% of cases, they show that you can enjoy sugary ice-cream but should avoid rice….” At the link find the title, “The Bittersweet Truth About What We Eat, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files media.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Genentech History 59 mins – “Joe McCracken, Vice President of Business Development at Genentech, walks through the founding and growth phase of the company. In particular, McCracken describes the culture at Genentech, which is credited for consistent ground breaking R&D and the resulting financial success.” At the link find the title, “A Culture of Making a Difference – Joe McCracken (Genentech), Oct, 2006,” right-click “Media files mccracken061101.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

George P Shultz 68 mins – “George Shultz has had a distinguished career in government, academia and the world of business. He is one of two individuals who have held four different federal cabinet posts; he has also taught at three of this country’s great universities. In 1989 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. Come hear Secretary Shultz’s seasoned observations on foreign policy, economics and on what makes great presidential leadership, especially as the Trump Administration’s policies begin to take shape.” At the link right-click “Play Now and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.  

Ghost Writer 58 mins – “Georgetown University professor Barbara Feinman Todd discusses her book, [Pretend I’m Not Here: How I Worked with Three Newspaper Icons, One Powerful First Lady, and Still Managed to Dig Myself Out of the Washington Swamp].” At the link find the title, “Q&A with Barbara Feinman Todd, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files program.469970.MP3-STD.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Google Creativity 48 mins – “Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience at Google, shares nine lessons learned about fostering creative ideas and innovation based on her experience developing highly successful Web applications at Google.” At the link find the title, “Nine Lessons Learned about Creativity at Google – Marissa Mayer (Google), May, 2006,” right-click “Media files mayer060517.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Government Failure 60 mins – “’America first!’ Donald Trump hammered out this message over and again in his inauguration speech a week ago today. He promised tariffs, a crackdown on immigration, and a restoration of American military might. He entered the White House as the least popular incoming president in 40 years. Not every liberal thinker, however, is in a state of despair. Jeffrey Sachs was recently ranked by The Economist as one of the world’s most influential political scientists. No Trump supporter himself, he came to the Intelligence Squared stage to explain why there may be silver linings to the Trump cloud, and to set out a new world order. Take trade. Trump has threatened to tear up Nafta and slam huge taxes on Mexican imports, and has already withdrawn the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to bring jobs back to the heartlands of America. While this strikes fear amongst free-trade supporters, there is a case to be made that globalisation has been moving faster than is politically sustainable, dividing rich from poor. Or take Trump’s proposal to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure. Sachs has described this promise to rebuild America’s decrepit inner cities, highways, schools and hospitals as ‘a valid, indeed uplifting perspective’, provided it is done in a smart and fair way. Trump’s programme could be viewed as a Keynesian fiscal policy to boost competitiveness and job creation. It may, Sachs believes, be Trump’s great legacy…. ” At the link find the title, “Jeffrey Sachs on America and a New World Order, Mar, 2017,” right-click “Media files media.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Government IT Problems 58 mins – “Jennifer Pahlka, founder and executive director of Code for America, explains how governments, from the federal level to the local, need individuals with the skills to harness technology and design principles to make the everyday user’s experience simpler and more elegant. Recently the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House, Pahlka also discusses the hunger within government for “creative hacks” that improve their platforms.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Gun Culture 57 mins – “ New Hampshire lawmakers have been debating a number of gun-related bills this year, looking at where firearms should be permitted, who should be allowed to have them, and how they can be worn in public.  We’ll look at these proposals, the issues they raise – also who’s behind them and who isn’t.” At the link right-click the play button beside ‘Listen” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu

Hadoop Computing 60 mins – “ Cloudera Co-Founder Mike Olson shares his insights on the present landscape and possible future of big data and the data management industry. In conversation with Ping Li of Accel Partners, Olson also discusses the advantages of building a business on top of open source technologies and the many surprising benefits of competition.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

High Altitude Bioprospecting 45 mins – “Like the mutating cells it was trying to investigate, and through a serendipitous series of unrelated coincidences, what started out as a multi-disciplinary UK-based research project to explore the stratosphere using helium balloons somehow evolved and mutated into a high-powered rocketry based research collaboration with NASA Astrobiologists in the Nevada Desert. This high-octane talk by University of Bath researcher Dr Paul Shepherd explores the highs and lows of his journey into High Altitude Bioprospecting for a project which has fused structural engineering, electronics, computer science and biology.” At the link find the title,”What is high-altitude bioprospecting? May, 2015,” right-click “Media files 240826257-uniofbath-what-is-high-altitude-bioprospecting.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

HubSpot 56 mins – “Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO at the marketing and sales software firm HubSpot, distills his 128-slide presentation on company culture down to its essence, describing it as a business’s “operating system” that lets people do their best work. Shah says entrepreneurs must create a company culture they love, because one will eventually emerge no matter what.” At the link find the title, “Why Company Culture is Crucial – Dharmesh Shah (HubSpot), Feb, 2016,” right-click “Media files shah160210.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Human Trafficking 108 mins – “Actor Ashton Kutcher and Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino testify at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on efforts to end modern slavery and human trafficking.” At the link find the title, “Ashton Kutcher Testifies on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files program.470690.MP3-STD.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Humanity Upgrade 47 mins – “If man and machine really do become one, will data destroy democracy, humanism, and our souls?” At the link click the arrow under the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Infrastructure in NH 57 mins – “Transportation infrastructure is a perennial issue in the Granite State:  from aging bridges to annoying potholes to highways and byways in need of repair. Now, Governor Sununu’s budget includes an Infrastructure Revitalization Fund that sends money to communities to address this. And President Trump has promised a major effort as well.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu

Innovative Lifestyle 51 mins – “Entrepreneur Minnie Ingersoll talks about how a computer-science degree, an MBA and 11 years at Google prepared her to co-found the online auto marketplace Shift. Calling her startup “a car company with Google DNA,” Ingersoll offers insights on opportunity recognition, product management, career-life balance and the importance of traits like humility and patience.,” At the link find the title, “A Drive to Disrupt – Minnie Ingersoll (Shift), Mar, 2016,” right-click “Media files ingersoll160302.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Instagram Creator 57 mins – “Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger challenge many of the myths surrounding startups and the lives of entrepreneurs. Both former Mayfield Fellows with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Systrom and Krieger share their first-hand experiences of the entrepreneurial process, including identifying good problems to solve and the value in building simple solutions and minimum viable products. Systrom and Krieger also discuss aspects of their co-founder working relationship and their efforts to maintain a balance between work and life.” At the lin find the title, “From Stanford to Startup – Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger (Instagram), May, 2011,” right-click “Media files systrom110511.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

International Security 56 mins – “Professor Adrian Hyde-Price from the University’s Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies examines the nature and causes of contemporary war and conflict, and considers the prospect of peace in the 21st Century.” At the link find the title, “Professor Adrian Hyde-Price inaugural lecture: War, peace and justice, Mar, 2010,” right-click “Media files 241784341-uniofbath-professor-adrian-hyde-price-inaugural-lecture-war-peace-and-justice.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Internet Businesses 52 mins – “Tien Tzuo, Chief Strategy Officer for, describes seven lessons for transforming an enterprise software business from a traditional direct sales model to one which leverages the internet to produce in-bound sales. He stresses the awareness cycle for’s products, free-trial offers, onion-based product design and the continuing importance of events in the complex enterprise software industry.” At the link find the title, “Changing the Game of Enterprise Software – Tien Tzuo (, Jan, 2007,” right-click “Media files tzuo070124.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Internet of Everything 55 mins – “Padmasree Warrior, Cisco’s chief technology and strategy officer, offers a vision of how value will be created as the magnitude of technology change rapidly increases. Warrior also touches on balancing analytical and empathetic leadership, cultivating a culture of innovation at enterprise scale, and how the Internet of Everything will shape the future of individuals and organizations.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Internet Trends 48 mins – “Janice Roberts, General Partner at Mayfield, discusses how Mayfield is going global and carefully evaluating opportunities in countries like India and China. She stresses the importance of accessing the needs of young customers who are embracing new technologies at an extremely fast pace and demanding more products and services.” At the link find the title, “The New Adventures of Old VC’s – Janice Roberts (Mayfield Fund) , Jan, 2007,” right-click “Media files roberts070117.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investigative Technology 63 mins – “Adam Benforado, Associate Professor of Law, Drexel University; Author, Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice; Sal Pizzaro, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News—Moderator How can we reduce bias in our legal system? Benforado examines this critical issue from both a legal perspective and from someone who has been incarcerated. Benforado says, “The failure of our legal system has been a defining issue in the U.S. over the last year…. To make progress in our fight against abuse, unequal treatment and wrongful convictions, we must come together as a community to consider the psychological biases that share the behavior of judges, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, police officers—and all of the rest of us.” At the link right-click “Play Now and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investing Ideas 55 mins – “Based on his continuing exploration of the decision making process under opaque circumstances, Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, shares how the benefits of random conditions can be successfully harvested to help navigate a world we do not fully understand.” At the link find the title, “How Things Gain from Disorder – Nassim Taleb (Author), Apr, 2013,” right-click “Media files taleb130410.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investors Versus Innovators 58 mins – “Stanford Engineering lecturer and FLOODGATE partner Ann Miura-Ko offers insight into the democratization of innovation in the Internet age, and its affect on investment cycles. Additionally, Miura-Ko speaks candidly about the need to test business models, her firm’s desire to be an advocate for “thunder lizard” entrepreneurs, and the challenges of achieving true work/life balance.” At the link find the title, “Funding Thunder Lizard Entrepreneurs – Ann Miura-Ko (Floodgate Fund), Oct, 2010,” right-click “Media files miura-ko101027.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

iPhone 101 18 mins – “Blind Abilities presents Episode 2 in their new series: iPhone 101. In this segment, we address those who are still on the fence about whether or not to take the leap and buy that first iPhone. Pete introduces some feedback from other blind individuals who were also unsure if they should make the plunge, but later decided to do so, and they weren’t disappointed! Then we share three book titles that are specifically aimed at new iPhone users, or those who wish to do their homework to gather information to help them make that decision, because after all, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power!” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Islamophobia in Canada 21 mins – “”Islamophobia is real,” Liberal MP Iqra Khalid said in the House of Commons as she read a list of racial slurs and threats she received over her motion known as M-103. Critics argue the motion is a threat to free expression.” At the link find the title, “Feb 21: Anti-Islamophobia motion could stifle free speech, say critics, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170221_19726.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Japan Trade Policy 86 mins – “Anti-globalism is an ever-growing force in world politics, especially in the post-global financial crisis era. The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States could well be one of its most consequential manifestations given his support for protectionist policies and early action to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The U-turn in American trade policy has greatly complicated the task for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who had given the TPP utmost priority in his economic growth strategy. Recognizing the importance of the expansion of trade for its economic recovery, Japan needs to reformulate its trade strategy to put its economy back on a growth trajectory, and possibly to contribute to the growth of world trade and the global economy.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Khan Academy Story 60 mins -”Sal Khan, founder and executive director of Khan Academy, discusses elements for a new vision for education. While offering examples of how his organization is bringing disruptive approaches to traditional learning experiences, Khan touches on the early days starting Khan Academy and the power of collaboration in creating change around the world.” At the link find the title, “Education Reimagined – Sal Khan (Khan Academy), Apr, 2014,” right-click “Media files khan140416.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Lemon Grass Repellent 34 mins – “Stacy Marking of Lemongrass Trading Co makes all-natural and ‘green’ products (mainly insecticides and fragrances). She took on the research, testing, design, making, bottling and labeling herself. In this episode, we learn about How Stacy started the company and her inspiration for the products Why she entered an industry with established competition Creating the early prototypes Import / export constraints and regulatory approvals Research with the University of Bristol, paid for by an EU grant What Stacy wishes she knew before she started Products that never make it to market Reusing failed products Getting feeback and exposure for your products Stacy’s unique superpower The two biggest marketing impacts to Stacy’s business – local PR The sales strategy for her products New products – car spray and edible wasp spray Stacy’s online fulfillment strategy: third-party eBay fulfillment Links and resources mentioned in this episode” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Lucky People 42 mins – “Tina Seelig, Executive Director for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, provides insights on life, leadership, and the little things that make a big difference in an entrepreneurial setting.” At the link find the title, “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 – Tina Seelig (STVP), Apr, 2006,” right-click “Media files seelig060412.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Manufacturing in the U.S. 51 mins – “This week, we travel to Dalton, Georgia, to talk with its mayor and find out how this manufacturing town is dealing with automation and changing demographics. Marketplace’s Andy Uhler and the Los Angeles Times’ Andrea Chang go long and short on the week’s news. Plus, the band Electric Guest takes the Marketplace Quiz.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Maya Angelou 52 mins – “Tuesday, we’re talking about the life of poet and activist Maya Angelou. A documentary airing on PBS’ American Masters tells the story of Angelou’s journey past racism and abuse to become one of our greatest voices. But filmmaker Rita Coburn Whack says she didn’t want this film to be just about what Angelou did in her life, but also about who she was and how she loved. Whack and co-director Bob Hercules join Doug to explain how Maya Angelou’s story gives us a sense of who we all are as Americans.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Medical Engineer 54 mins – “Parallel entrepreneur Mir Imran, CEO of InCube Labs, has launched twenty companies – at times simultaneously. He shares his solutions-focused expertise and identifies the vitality and growth of the biomedical healthcare vertical.” At the link find the title, “Healthy Entrepreneurship in Medical Devices – Mir Imran (InCube Laboratories), Feb, 2008,” right-click “Media files imram080220.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Medical Technology Innovation 61 mins – “Josh Makower, CEO of ExploraMed, speaks briefly about his experience working in medicine and technology. Dr. Makower also discusses at length the numerous political, financial, and regulatory hurdles against future medical innovation, and calls for audience involvement in the tangled web of healthcare, patents, and insurance reimbursement.” At the link find the title, “The Perfect Storm in MedTech – Josh Makower (ExploraMed), May, 2010,” right-click “Media files makower100519.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Music Business 60 mins – “Stanford Professor Tina Seelig discusses the creative process and music industry dynamics with Nate Ruess, lead singer of the band fun., and Cameron Strang, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records and Warner/Chappell Music. As a kick-off to Seelig’s Stanford Online course, Creativity: Music to my Ears, the conversation explores issues of artist development, evolving business models and the shape and future of the music industry.” At the link find the title, “The Music Industry Unplugged – Cameron Strang, Nate Ruess (Warner Bros. Records), Feb, 2014,” right-click “Media files strang140219.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Narco Economics 71 mins – “When fighting the war on drugs, governments typically devote enormous resources trying to reduce the supply. But is this effective? Journalist and author Tom Wainwright of the Economist and author of Narconomics talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the ways that the drug cartels respond to government attempts to reduce the availability of drugs. Like any business trying to maintain profitability, cartels look for ways to cut costs and maintain or grow revenue. Wainwright uses extensive on-the-ground interviews and reporting to understand the behavior of the cartels and argues that reducing demand would be a much more effective strategy for reducing drug use.” At the link right-click “Download” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Narcolepsy 24 mins – “When Mathilda Crisp was about three years-old, she stopped sleeping through the night. But during the day, she would fall asleep without warning — during a swim lesson, in the middle of her cereal bowl at breakfast. Then other, stranger symptoms started materializing: when she got happy or emotional, she would suddenly collapse. (Her brother and sister started carrying her around the house on a chair so she could keep playing in their games.) She would thrust her tongue around her mouth. She couldn’t seem to walk in a straight line. At first her doctors were sure she had a brain tumor. But her scans were negative. They tested her for leukemia, Lyme disease. Nothing. But when one doctor finally did diagnose Mathilda, it turned out to be just the beginning of an even bigger mystery: of why this little girl — and a handful of other kids in Northern Europe — had suddenly been struck ill. Trying to solve it has become one doctor’s life’s work.” At the link click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select ‘Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Network Revolution 61 mins – “Whereas the 20th century belonged to the scientist, the 21st century, says Sun Micosystems’ CTO Greg Papadopoulos, is the domain of the engineer. Rather than secretly toiling away on new discoveries, modern engineers are concerned about social responsibility, renewable materials and product lifecycles, collaborative and open source discovery, and furthering industry-wide innovation.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Neurodegenerative Disease 21 mins – “Marc Diamond discusses his Personal View on the prion model for progression and diversity of neurodegenerative diseases.” At the link find the title, “Neurodegenerative disease: The Lancet Neurology: February 23, 2017,” right-click “Media files laneur_230217_neurodegen.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Olin Engineering College 58 mins – “Richard Miller, president of Olin College, describes disruptive ideas about education and learning that universities should adopt to graduate more creative, entrepreneurial and impactful engineers. He explains how a focus on math and science alone won’t result in more innovation, and that higher education must instill traits like grit and independent thinking.” At the link find the title, “More Innovation Through Education – Richard Miller (Olin College), May, 2016,” right-click “Media files miller160525.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Opportunity and Problems 52 mins – “Stanford Technology Ventures Program’s Executive Director Tina Seelig shares rich insights in creative thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset. Her talk, based on her 2009 book, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20, cites numerous classroom successes of applied problem-solving and the lessons of failure.” At the link find the title, “The Art of Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Tina Seelig (STVP), May, 2009,” right-click “Media files seelig090527.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Pain Perception 57 mins – “Pain is a major health care problem worldwide. It affects the well-being of millions of individuals, and its financial burden upon our societies is considerable. Pain is not a simple reflection of the degree of tissue-damage, it is strongly influenced by expectations and beliefs individuals hold about pain and their ability to cope with it. In this lecture, Dr Katja Wiech from the Centre for Pain Research, talks about research into how expectations can influence the outcome of pain treatment.”At the link find the title, “What you get is what you expect, Jun, 2014,” right-click “Media files 240943321-uniofbath-what-you-get-is-what-you-expect.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Paleo Diet 62 mins – “In this lecture, Dr. Akil Palanisamy will describe the outlines of a comprehensive roadmap to optimal health, one that combines the most effective aspects of the “paleo” diet (so-called because it seeks to emulate the diet of early humans), cutting-edge nutritional science, and the time-tested philosophy and techniques of ancient Ayurvedic medicine. He will share practical tips on what to eat in order to boost well-being and vitality, and he will have detailed and practical information about implementing these concepts in daily living.” At the link right-click “Play Now” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Passive Investing 34 mins – “Joe Shaefer of Stanford Wealth Management, an old friend of more than 30 years, recently wrote an article for Seeking Alpha.  “Passive Index Investing is a Delusion” is an active manager’s view of investing in indexes.  In the podcast I address Joe’s views of why index investing is a losing strategy and why I think he is dead wrong.  While Joe raises many interesting problems of investing in indexes, he fails to give investors credit for being able to address all those problems successfully.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Peregrine Falcons 47 mins – “Learning officer for the Bristol Dinosaur Project Ed Drewitt reveals another side to Peregrines, not only as majestic, aerial hunters but as opportunistic falcons living often nomadic lives.” At the link find the title,”Urban peregrines – Bath’s very own speed hunters, Mar, 2012,” right-click “Media files 241616517-uniofbath-urban-peregrines-baths-very-own-speed-hunters.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Performance Versus Power 58 mins – “In this high-energy lecture, Geoffrey Moore discusses how companies can build the escape velocity necessary to move beyond the successes and failures of the past. Moore argues that when companies focus too much on performance, they miss out on building the power to become the industry leaders that other companies envy. He shares a hierarchy model through which companies can examine and build power, and examines how product teams can best work to differentiate their company, neutralize the competition, and optimize products and offers.” At the link find the title, “Reach Your Escape Velocity – Geoffrey Moore (MDV), May, 2011,” right-click “Media files moore110504.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Pesticides Can Be Friendly 49 mins – “Pam Marrone, founder of AgraQuest, relates the challenges and rewards she experienced in building a successful biotechnology company that specializes in ecologically friendly agricultural products.” At the link find the title, “The Ins and Outs of a successful Biotechnology Company – Pam Marrone (AgraQuest), May, 2006,” right-click “Media files marrone060510.mp3”and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Political Activism 52 mins – “BYU political scientist Jessica Preece says the rallies we’ve seen since President Donald Trump took office aren’t typical for Utah. There’s been the Women’s March, the March for Refugees, and Senator Jason Chaffetz’s town hall was filled to capacity with over 1000 turned away. Wednesday, we’re talking about political action in Utah and we hope to hear from you. Are you getting more involved? How are you making yourself heard? What type of political engagement do you think will make a difference? At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Political Humor 24 mins – “Making jokes about politics is a tradition as old as America itself. These days, of course, comedians have a new target: President Donald Trump. We talk with Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani about finding humor in the midst of deep political divides, and how he uses an understanding of human nature to craft a successful punchline.” At the link find the title, “Ep. 63: “I’m Not A Terrorist…” Feb, 2017, right-click “Media files 20170227 hiddenbrain_63.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Prairie Protection 26 mins – “The grasslands that stretch across Alberta through Saskatchewan and into Manitoba used to be monitored and managed by federally-funded cowboys. Now control over Canada’s grasslands is shifting with the winds of political change.” At the link find the title, “Feb 21: Canada’s grasslands: ‘most endangered, least protected ecosystems’ 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170221_85055.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Presidents Secrets 49 mins – “Author Mary Graham says President Trump has demonstrated a lack of transparency, in his refusal to release his tax records and health records, and in his immigration ban, which was issued without consultation from government lawyers, or agencies. Her book is ‘Presidents’ Secrets.’ Also, ‘Fresh Air’ producer Sam Briger talks to Sebastian Barry about his novel ‘Days Without End,’ about an Irish immigrant who enlists in the U.S. Army in the 1850s.” At the link find the title, “ February 20, 2017 Presidential Secrets,” click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Prosthetic Limbs 59 mins – “As the Co-Founder and CTO of Bespoke Innovations, Scott Summit leads a continuing effort to create products that radically change lives. In this lecture, Summit shares insights from creating customized prosthetic devices using new technologies in nascent markets. He also discusses some of challenges his company faced in discovering a working business model and developing customers.” At the link find the title, “Products With a Purpose – Scott Summit (Bespoke), Oct, 2011,” right-click “Media files summit111026.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Rabbit and Giraffe 54 mins – “Jean Vanier, who founded the L’Arche movement in 1963 for people with profound disabilities, quickly learned that “normal” people have much to learn about being human by watching those we perceive as weak. Jean Vanier in conversation with Philip Coulter.” At the link find the title, “The Rabbit and the Giraffe, Part 1 (Encore September 12, 2016), Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20170217_70762.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Refugee Children in Greece P1 27 mins – “Phil Kemp meets some of the hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children stranded in Greece in camps and shelters on the islands and the mainland.” At the link find the title, “Greece’s Forgotten Teenagers, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files p04tycsj.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Refugee Rescues in Canada 22 mins – “As the U.S. forces migrants deemed illegal out of that country, the destination of choice has become Canada — even as critics demand a crackdown on rules.” At the link find the title, “Feb 23: Does Canada have a looming refugee crisis with influx of illegal border crossings? 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170223_95146.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Refugees in Canada 22 mins – “As the U.S. toughens and revises its immigration policies, those desperate for a better life are looking to Canada. And many of them are gathering in Mexico with a plan to travel north into Canada. The CBC’s Evan Dyer shares their stories.” At the link find the title, “Feb 21: ‘Canadians will welcome you’: Refugees begin long trek north via Mexico, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170222_91041.mp3,” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Reinventing Yourself 47 mins – “Second acts in life. We’ll look at what it takes to reinvent yourself, your career – early, mid-life, and late.” At the link right-click the arrow below the play button beside “Listen” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

San Quentin Last Mile 58 mins – “Imagine trying to bring entrepreneurship education to one of the most challenging environments in the world: San Quentin State Prison in California. In this powerful talk and interview, The Last Mile Co-Founders Chris Redlitz and Beverly Parenti, along with program graduate Heracio Harts, discuss the benefits of commitment and entrepreneurial thinking in supporting individuals to make the successful transition from prison to living productive lives in society.” At the link find the title, “From Lockup to Startup – Chris Redlitz, Beverly Parenti, Heracio Harts (The Last Mile), May, 2013,” right-click “Media files redlitz130515.mp3” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Science Pros and Cons 58 mins – “The Harper government muzzled scientists. Donald Trump’s administration is now doing the same. But a better relationship between science and government is possible. Highlights from a talk by Sir Peter Gluckman.” At the link find the title, “The Proper Role of Science: Peter Gluckman, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20170222_88803.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Seagrams Building Creator 58 mins – “Eleanor Wachtel speaks to Canadian architectural activist, Phyllis Lambert, in celebration of her exceptional career on her 90th birthday.” At the link find the title, “Wachtel On The Arts – Phyllis Lambert, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20170221_31520.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Semiconductor Fabrication 57 mins – “Rick Wallace, recently appointed CEO of KLA-Tencor, shares his management philosophy and the key to the company’s success over the last 30 years. He stresses the importance of having a clear vision, distinct values and a well defined strategy to take care of his key constituencies: employees, customers and shareholders.” At the link find the title, “’Vision, Values & Strategy’ – Rick Wallace (KLA-Tencor), Oct, 2006,” right-click “Media files wallace061018.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Sexual Harassment 36 mins – “Sexual harassment is a silent epidemic with an incredible reach. Recent allegations in tech, media and even the jewelry industry have brought it to the forefront once again. We’ll go beyond awkward training videos and discuss the real life effects of harassment on the job, how people are trying to combat it and why it’s still happening. Joshua Johnson is joined by Debra Katz, founding partner of Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP, Jessica Raven, Executive Director at Collective Action for Safe Spaces, Fran Sepler, President of Sepler & Associates and Jackson Katz, co-founder of Mentors in Violence Prevention.” At the link find the title, “Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, Mar, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20170302_1a_podcastfinal.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Silicon Valley Bank 58 mins – “An outstanding office culture trumps all, says Ken Wilcox, the CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, who heads the most noted financial hub for the technology sector. Wilcox discusses how his financial services institution has scaffolded against recession, and bullet points the uniqueness of commercial banking for the tech start-up.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Skybox Satellites 59 mins – “The co-founders of Skybox Imaging, Dan Berkenstock, Julian Mann, John Fenwick and Ching-Yu Hu, realized early on they had one thing in common: they don’t take no for an answer. Here the team of Stanford alumni explain their passion to disrupt the satellite imaging industry and share engaging tales of launching their unique venture.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Social Innovation 58 mins – “Laurene Powell Jobs, in conversation with Stanford Engineering Professor Tom Byers, shares her path to entrepreneurship and her strong commitment to addressing massive challenges in education and immigration reform through College Track and Emerson Collective, organizations she founded to spark systemic change and improve lives at the individual level.” At the link find the title, “Injecting Innovation into Intractable Systems – Laurene Powell Jobs, Tom Byers (Emerson Collective), Mar, 2015,”right-click “Media files powelljobs150304.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Social Innovation 60 mins – “Steven McCormick, president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, discusses the value and continued need of an entrepreneurial approach in the philanthropic sector. McCormick also shares lessons learned on staying obsessively focused on outcomes, the critical need to measure success, and how to create change by being a ‘positive deviant’ inside organizations.” At the link find the title, “Drive Change Through Entrepreneurship – Steven McCormick (Moore Foundation), Jan, 2013,”right-click “Media files mccormick130123.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Solar Panel Business 62 mins – “Lyndon Rive, Co-Founder and CEO of SolarCity, and Tim Draper, founding partner of the venture capital firm DFJ, discuss the clean-energy company’s mission to save the planet while exploring the many aspects of its business, from the science of solar power to the need for better government incentives and policies.” At the link find the title, “The Science and Incentives Behind Solar – Lyndon Rive, Tim Draper (Solar City), Oct, 2015” right-click “Media files rive151028.mp3”and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Space Flight Software 108 mins – “Last fall I visited ESTEC, ESA’s space research and technology center. In this first of three episodes, I talk with Maria Hernek, who heads the Flight Software Systems section. We talk about the challenges of space flight software, the development processes used by ESA and its vendors, as well as means of ensuring the required quality attributes. This episode can be seen as a continuation of the conversation with Andreas Wortmann in the OHB episode.” At the link right-click “Download MP3 directly” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Space Race 32 mins– “India, China and Japan have all outlined bold space exploration plans. Smaller powers, like South Korea, also want to get in on the act with ambitions of their own. The United Arab Emirates has announced a plan to colonize Mars in the next 100 years, and probably has the money to pay for it. These newer players bring back echoes of the Cold War space race of the mid-20th century. A pursuit of science and technological advancement coupled with national prestige and attraction of being first. 1A considers where the US space program might be going and who else has their sights set on our solar system and beyond. Guests includes Joel Achenbach, science and politics reporter at The Washington Post, Tariq Malik, managing editor of and Sarah Ballard, Torres Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT.” At the link find the title, “Fly Me To The Moon, Or Mars Or..,Mar, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20170301_1a_podcastfinal.mp3” and select “Save Link As from the pop-up menu.

Space Satellites 62 mins – “Founder and CEO William Marshall takes us inside how Planet Labs seeks to benefit humanity by leveraging continuous imaging to understand the challenges facing the planet. Marshall discusses founding ventures with purpose, the opportunities possible from open access to data, and the novel technologies that bring their “dove” satellites to life in space.” At the link find the title, “Entrepreneurship Takes Flight – William Marshall (Planet Labs), May, 2015,” right-click “Media files marshall150520.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Spanish Culture 56 mins – “Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in relative harmony in medieval Spain. Then the Spanish Inquisition came along with its use of terror and racism, turning a pluralistic society into a police state” At the link find the title, “From Tolerance to Tyranny, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20170221_90012.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Stanford Dropout 54 mins – “Joe Liemandt, founder, President and CEO of Trilogy, describes the passion and perseverance it took to take his enterprise software company from a five-person start-up to a global industry leader.” At the link find the title, “The Passion and Perseverance Behind a Start-up – Joe Liemandt (Trilogy), Oct, 2005,” right-click “Media files liemandt051019.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Stanford Impact Study Panel 60 mins – “This special presentation features a panel of Stanford alumni reflecting on their personal entrepreneurial experiences at Stanford and in the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem. This conversation follows a presentation of remarkable results from the Stanford Innovation Survey, measuring the economic impact of Stanford alumni engaged in entrepreneurial activity.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startup Company Fixes 59 mins – “Stanford Professor Bob Sutton shares principles and colorful examples from his most recent book, Scaling Up Excellence, co-authored by Huggy Rao. Touching on concepts around emotion, complexity, and connecting people, Sutton explains why scaling is about spreading and sustaining a mindset, not just a footprint.” At the link find the title, “Scaling Up Excellence – Bob Sutton (Stanford), Feb, 2014,” right-click “Media files sutton140212.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startup Failures 66 mins – “Drawing on a decade of research and interviews with company founders, Harvard Business School Associate Professor Noam Wasserman explores many of the momentous early decisions and pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs and investors. Wasserman outlines paths and options for founders, with an emphasis on the frequently challenging people issues that can inhibit startup success.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startup Panel Discussion 59 mins – “Four alumni of entrepreneurship-education fellowships offered through the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) return to share what starting businesses in the fields of virtual reality, med-tech, renewable and solar energy have taught them about these industries. In conversation with STVP Faculty Co-Director Tina Seelig, the panel discusses strategic decision-making, defining success, facing failure and the traits needed to be a strong leader.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startup Pitfalls 58 mins – “Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Eric Ries shares rapid fire wisdom on building nimble, responsive, and efficient online software-based businesses. He also offers his wisdom on streamlining processes and progressing engineering systems, and puts forth front line insight into why some new ideas succeed where others have failed.” At the link find the title, “Evangelizing for the Lean Startup – Eric Ries (Author), Sept, 2009,” right-click “Media files ries090930.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startup Standouts 59 mins – “Mike Maples Jr., co-founder of the venture capital firm Floodgate, explains what entrepreneurs can learn from the very few technology startups that achieve hyper-exceptional success and market disruption. The Silicon Valley veteran urges tomorrow’s innovators to “only do things that you think have a chance to be legendary” – because it takes just as much work to do something mediocre.” At the linkf ind the title, “Dare to Do Legendary Things – Mike Maples Jr. (Floodgate), Jan, 2016,” right-click “Media files maples160127.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Startx 59 mins – “Venture inside StartX, an educational non-profit that supports the development of passionate Stanford entrepreneurs. In this panel discussion, current and former members of the StartX community describe their experiences inside the accelerator and the value they received through a culture of collective intelligence and mentorship.” At the link find the title, “Acceleration Through Community – Cameron Teitelman, Joseph Huang, Milt McColl, Smita Saxena (StartX), Mar, 2014,” right-click “Media files startx140305.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

STEM Education 25 mins – “People who can learn in groups can do better than those individually, that is the driving concept behind Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL). This week on Science Studio Dr. Pratibha Varma-Nelson, a world authority in the concept of PLTL, discusses the importance of PLTL and how it functions.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select “Save Link as” from the pop-up menu.” At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Stockton Councilman 64 mins – “Civic leader Michael Tubbs shares his story of growing up in the California Central Valley, attending Stanford and going on to become one of the youngest elected officials in U.S. history. The Stockton City Councilman calls on entrepreneurs behind today’s biggest tech innovations to also focus on solving society’s biggest problems, like poverty, illiteracy and inequality.” At the link find the title, “Solving Social Ills Through Innovation – Michael Tubbs (City of Stockton), Jan, 2016,” right-click “Media files tubbs160113.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Synthetic Biology 59 mins – “Amyris Biotechnologies CEO John Melo explains his company’s endeavors in the sustainable sciences; working both to fight disease and to create renewable energies. Melo also reflects upon his personal career path, from immigrant, to start-up, to Big Oil – and back to start-up again.” At the link find the title, “Under the Microscope: Socially Responsible Biotech – John Melo (Amyris), May, 2008,” right-click “Media files melo080521.mp3” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Technology Future 53 mins – “A special panel of highly scientific minds discusses what the future holds for tech innovation, education and entrepreneurship. Panelists include Google’s “captain of moonshots,” Astro Teller, Stanford bioengineer Christina Smolke, an associate professor at the university’s medical school, and DFJ General Partner Steve Jurvetson. Persis Drell, dean of the Stanford School of Engineering, moderates the discussion, with introductions by Stanford Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt.” At the link find the title, “Forecasting the Future of Technology – Steve Jurvetson, Astro Teller, Christina Smolke, Persis Drell (DFJ, [X], and Stanford University), Oct, 2015,” right-click “Media files jurvetson151007.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Technology Journalism 71 mins – “Three Silicon Valley dealmakers – Tony Perkins, CEO of AlwaysOn; Tim Draper, Founder and Managing Director of Draper, Fisher Jurvetson; and Michael Moe, Founding Partner of ThinkEquity – discuss the evolutions in online media, the power of partnerships, and other next-generation opportunities for the global marketplace.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Transgender Life 40 mins – “President Trump has made big news regarding the rights of transgender students. His administration has revoked federal guidelines specifying that transgender students have the right to use public school restrooms that match their gender identity – a move that has upset many, including Republicans. The stakes have now been raised for an upcoming Supreme Court case. The eight justices are due to hear oral arguments at the end of March on whether the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia can block Gavin Grimm, a female-born transgender high school student, from using the boys’ bathroom. A ruling is due by the end of June. 1A explores this topic with Grace Dolan-Sandrino, an 11th grader at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., Peyton Chapman, Principal at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, Matt Sharp, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom and Tanya Washington, Professor of law at Georgia State University.” At the link find the title, “Beyond Bathrooms: The Battle Over Transgender Rights, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20170227_1a_podcastfinal.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Treadmill History 26 mins – “If you dread the gym, it might not surprise you that the treadmill was originally a device used to punish prison inmates. As the treadmill turns 200, The Current looks at how far we’ve really moved away from the idea of exercise as punishment.” At the link find the title, “Feb 22: Hate the gym? History explains why the treadmill can feel like torture, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170222_69449.mp3,” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Trump Homeland Security Rules 47 mins – “New guidelines from the Trump Administration give more power to U.S. officials to deport immigrants in the country illegally. The new, tough rules are causing alarm and fear in immigrant communities.” At the link right-click the arrow under the play button beside “Listen” and select ”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Trump Skulduggery 49 mins – “Republicans decry the leakers; Democrats applaud them…oh, how the tables have turned. How to make sense of the Flynn affair and revelations about the Trump team’s communications with Russia. Plus, the steady stream of information from within the government has the media debating the power of the so-called “Deep State” — invisible officials pulling the strings. Also, deploying the word “treason” with care, what Slobodan Milošević teaches us about Donald Trump, and what Hugo Chávez does not.” At the link click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu. 

Tulip Fad 33 mins – “Freelance garden historian Russell Bowes brings the story of the tulip to life with power, passion and petals!” At the link find the title, “The tale of the tulip, Mar, 2011,” right-click “Media files 241758736-uniofbath-the-tale-of-the-tulip.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

TV History 28 mins – “Walter Podrazik, television curator at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, discusses his book, [Watching TV], about the history and influence of television and the future of the medium.” At the link find the title, “Walter Podrazik Discusses [Watching TV], Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files program.464436.MP3-STD.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Ukraine Conflict 21 mins – “With tensions flaring in Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Canada called to extend military resources.” At the link find the title, “Feb 20: Canada’s support for Ukraine questioned amid escalating violence, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170220_54644.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

UN History 69 mins – “Honorary Professor and Research Associate of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and co-ordinator of the UN Intellectual History Project draws on the 17-volume official history of the UN” At the link find the title, “UN ideas that changed the world, Sept, 2010,” right-click “Media files 241771113-uniofbath-un-ideas-that-changed-the-world-richard-jolly-marant.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Vaccine Race 30 mins – “Last year more than two thousand babies in 19 countries were born with abnormally small heads and other birth defects after their mothers were infected with the Zika virus while pregnant. This wasn’t without historical precedent. In the 1960s, tens of thousands of babies in the United States were born with severe birth defects because their mothers contracted rubella, also known as German measles, while pregnant. In a new book, science writer Meredith Wadman tells the story of how scientists raced to fight rubella, using some controversial techniques. The vaccine was developed with the use of fetal cells, and it was tested on orphans, many of them babies and children of color. In telling that story, Wadman teaches us about the efforts to combat diseases today. 1A’s Joshua Johnson is joined by Meredith Wadman to discuss her new book, “The Vaccine Race”. At the link find the title, “What The Race To Develop The Rubella Vaccine Teaches Us About Fighting Disease Today, Feb, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20170228_1a_podcastfinal.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Venture Capitalist 58 mins – “Illuminate Ventures Founder Cindy Padnos talks candidly with Stanford Consulting Professor Tom Kosnik about the value of leveraging advisor relationships, the sometimes surprising responsibilities of a CEO, and the fundamental differences between the roles of entrepreneur and venture capitalist.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Venture Capitalist Company 58 mins -”Beth Seidenberg, partner at venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, speaks at length about KPCB’s current areas of interest, and its litmus test for projects worth supporting. Seidenberg also offers a case study of a life sciences firm moving from research lab toward market.” At the link find the title, “A VC Perspective on the Life Sciences – Beth Seidenberg (KPCB), May, 2008,” right-click “Media files seidenberg080528.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Venture Capitalist Story 60 mins – “Entrepreneur and investor John Lilly makes a sound pitch for why this moment in time is full of promise for passionate entrepreneurs willing to charge into the current white space of opportunity. Lilly also explains the idiosyncratic nature of investors and the goal of creating large, durable companies with the capacity to change the world.” At the link find the title, “White Space is Everywhere – John Lilly (Greylock), Jan, 2013,” right-click “Media files lilly130130.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Venture Capitalist Story 60 mins – “Kate Mitchell, managing director of Scale Venture Partners, demonstrates why an optimistic, but realistic mindset is a central key for successful entrepreneurs. Mitchell also challenges entrepreneurs to play an active role in civic life by actively telling their stories to affect policy at the national and international level.” At the link find the title, “Own Your Own Success – Kate Mitchell (Scale Venture), Apr, 2013,” right-click “Media files mitchell130501.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Vikings Demise 64 mins – “In the year 1000 AD, at the annual Althing (national assembly) in Iceland, a decision was made to make Christianity the official religion of the island. The road from paganism to Christianity was not, however, completely smooth, nor did the conversion process happen as abruptly as the political decision implied. A key text describing the declaration at the Althing appears in Njal’s Saga, and it will form the basis for this lecture, along with two medieval Icelandic short stories that illustrate how Christianization began to take shape in the North. The continued presence of the pagan past in modern Scandinavia can be traced in literature, artifacts and enduring cultural practices, indicating that while the Scandinavians eventually embraced Christianity and then secularism, they did not leave their Viking identity behind.” At the link right-click “Play Now and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Visual Effects Industry 55 mins – “In their chase for a global audience, American movie studios spend billions to make their films look amazing. But almost none of those dollars stay in America. What would it take to bring those jobs back — and would it be worth it?” At the link click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Washington’s Farewell Speech 52 mins – “When George Washington left office he delivered a prophetic farewell address. Once revered as civic scripture, it is now almost forgotten. In it, Washington called for unity among “citizens by birth or choice,” defended religious pluralism, and proposed that education is essential to democracy. He also expressed fear that hyper-partisanship, excessive debt, and foreign wars could destroy the country.  Journalist John Avlon has written a book about Washington’s Farewell, and he joins us Monday to talk about it. John Avlon is the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of The Daily Beast and a CNN political analyst. He is the author of Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics, Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America, and the editor of the anthology Deadline Artists: America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns. His new book is called Washington’s Farewell: The Founding Father’s Warning to Future Generations At the link right-click the play button beside “Listen” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Wolves in Washington State 7 mins – “Bill Johnson lives with his seven border collies in a log house that he built himself in the Teanaway Valley, just over the Cascade Mountains that divide rural eastern Washington state from the more urban western part. Johnson’s been a cowboy here for about 16 years. When he started, there were no wolves around, but that changed about five years ago. He vividly remembers his first encounter with the returning predators. He was driving out of the valley one night when a deer ran across the road. “And these three large German shepherds ran across after the deer,” he says. “And I’m thinking, ‘Those aren’t German shepherds, those are wolves. … Those are wolves! Can you believe it?’” A month later, the return of wolves to the area really hit home. Johnson was out with his dogs when one of them — Lance — disappeared. “Lance went off on his own and by the time I realized he was gone, it was too late,” Johnson says, his voice cracking and his eyes tearing up. It was the first animal he’d lost to a wolf. That night, Johnson saddled his horse and grabbed his gun. “I was going to kill every wolf in the Teanaway,” he says….” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Women Entrepreneures 57 mins– “Astia CEO Sharon Vosmek shows how behavior shifts in entrepreneurial ecosystems can lead to more robust levels of inclusive innovation. Vosmek also highlights research on how access to business networks, expertise and capital play out across gender lines.” At the link find the title, “The Path to More Inclusive Innovation – Sharon Vosmek (Astia), Nov, 2013,” right-click “Media files vosmek131120.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Women Innovators 58 mins – “Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, describes her path and motivation for launching a platform that aims to inspire women and girls to be creative through compelling content such as videos, online classes and do-it-yourself kits. Morin explains how creativity is sparked by rekindling that playful spirit from our youth and stems from the primal instinct to make things.” At the link find the title, “Inspiring Creativity with Great Content – Brit Morin (Brit + Co), Nov, 2015,” right-click “Media files morin151118.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

World War One Women Reporters 26 mins – “Debbie Marshal’s new book chronicles the women who fought gender conventions with their coverage of the First World War.” At the link find the “Feb 20: Firing Lines: How three Canadian women became war reporters in WWI, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20170220_62353.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Yahoo Operator 61 mins – “In conversation with KPCB’s Chi-Hua Chien, Dan Rosensweig, CEO of textbook rental company Chegg, speaks about his professional history within Yahoo!, ZDNet, and Guitar Hero, and shares insights on business in the dot-com trenches. Rosensweig offers his perspective on the evolution of the online media and advertising industries. Additionally, Rosensweig encourages entrepreneurs-to-be to “bet on the inevitable” as they explore their passions and the growing future of online services.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Zuckerberg 56 mins – “Mark Zuckerberg, founder of The Facebook, is interviewed by VC, Jim Breyer, Managing Partner of Accel. Mark describes what it was like to leave Harvard to venture into a business to build a social utility tool for college students around the world.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow at the end of the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

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