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3D Printed Bacteria 53 mins – “[At the podcast half-way point.] Vincent, Michael, and Michele reveal how pandemic influenza viruses suppress immunogenic cell death, and 3D printing of bacteria into functional materials.” At the link right-click “Right click to download TWiM#167” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

3D Printing Skills 46 mins – “Every manufacturer in the 3D printing industry is looking for the same pool of talents these days; there is a growing need for more engineers and designers. Even with the crop of graduating students coming in, there is still not enough to fill in 3D jobs with the right skill set. Jennifer Killingback of Alexander Daniels Global reveals what they are looking for in candidates from production, programming, post processing, sales and business development. Find out what your LinkedIn profiles should look like to get that phone interview and learn how you can get more involved in the industry by attending expos and cons.” At the link right-click “Download” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Acute Respiratory Distress Failure 44 mins – “Acute respiratory distress syndrome was first described in 1967 and has become a defining condition in critical care. Around 40% of patients with ARDS will die, and survivors experience long term sequelae. No drug treatments exist for ARDS, however good supportive management reduces harm and improves outcome. In this podcast, John Laffey, professor of anaesthesiology at St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto and Brian Kavanagh, clinician-scientist, intensive care medicine at the University of Toronto take us through the background to diagnosis and treatment of ARDS. Cheryl Misak, professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, and survivor of ARDS, also joins us to explain how she has faired in recovery.” At the link find the title, “Suspect, investigate, and diagnose acute respiratory distress syndrome, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 378199712-bmj group suspect investigate and diagnose acute respiratory distress syndrome.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Addiction Theories 85 mins – “9 out of 10 people with substance abuse problems started using by age 18. What puts someone at risk for early onset drug or alcohol use? is is heritable? How are brain circuits involved? UCSF doctors answer these questions and discuss detection, diagnoses and treatment. (#32939)” At the link right-click “Audio MP3” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

African American Folk Tales 51 mins – “We’re talking to Henry Louis Gates Jr. and folklore scholar Maria Tatar about their groundbreaking new book, “The Annotated African American Folktales.” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

African Architects 13 mins – “Christian Benimana wants to build a network of architects who can help Africa’s booming cities flourish in sustainable, equitable ways — balancing growth with values that are uniquely African. From Nigeria to Burkina Faso and beyond, he shares examples of architecture bringing communities together. A pan-African movement of architects, designers and engineers on the continent and in diaspora are learning from and inspiring each other, and Benimana invites us to imagine future African cities as the most resilient, socially inclusive places on earth.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

African SUV 8 mins – “Joel Jackson wants to reimagine transportation around the needs of the African consumer. He’s designed an SUV that’s rugged enough for long stretches of uneven terrain and affordable enough to be within reach of those who need it most. Learn more about the challenges of mobility and manufacturing in Africa — and what a localized motor industry could mean for the future of the continent.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Airplane Germs 21 mins – “Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba studies just how dirty planes can get and says hand sanitizer is the best option to ward off germs during travel.” At the link find the title, “Dec Germs on a plane: How to stay healthy while travelling, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20171221_61205.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Anarchists 60 mins – “Carne Ross is a former British diplomat, and Middle East and WMD expert, who resigned in 2004 after giving then-secret evidence to a British inquiry into the Iraq war. After he quit, he founded the world’s first non-profit diplomatic advisory group, Independent Diplomat, which advises democratic countries and political movements around the world. In 2007, his critique of contemporary diplomacy was published: “Independent Diplomat: Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite”. Carne is now an outspoken anarchist, and in this episode he sits down with Brett to discuss The State and Anarchism. Topics Include: Thomas Hobbes, the Social Contract theorists, moral culpability as agents of the State, the Iraq War, spontaneous mutual aid, the Rojavan Revolution, Participatory Budgeting, Emma Goldman, and much, much more.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Anchorage ‘64 Earthquake 30 mins – “It was the middle of the night on March 27, 1964. Earlier that evening, the second-biggest earthquake ever measured at the time had hit Anchorage, Alaska. 115 people died. Some houses had been turned completely upside down while others had skidded into the sea. There was no light or power in the city — and for a long time, virtually no communication with the outside world. But there was one signal making it out of the devastated area. Running on backup generators and a cracked transmitter, a radio station in Anchorage continued to broadcast. Then a station in Fairbanks picked up that signal and repeated it. A man in Juneau picked up that Fairbanks station, called a radio station in Seattle and let the broadcast play over his phone. The president of that Anchorage radio station happened to be on a goodwill tour of Japan. And when he turned on a radio in Tokyo, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing — it was the voice of his own “newsgirl” back home, a woman by the name of Genie Chance.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Arms Flow 18 mins – “The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that form Agenda 2030 provide a universal policy framework to which states have committed, and within which they operate towards achieving inclusive development. SDG16 sets out to achieve peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, with its fourth target focusing specifically on significantly reducing illicit arms flows to achieve this goal. The second instalment of the Small Arms Survey podcast series dedicated to measuring illicit arms flows discusses gathering data in non-conflict settings. While most of the countries in the world can be classified as ‘non-conflict’, there are still significant variations from one region to another. Featured experts talk about the challenges and opportunities they face while conducting such research, as well as the links between conflict and non-conflict areas that have an impact on this endeavour. The podcasts presents inputs by Nils Duquet, Researcher at the Flemish Peace Institute; Nicolas Florquin Senior Researcher and Research Coordinator at the Small Arms Survey; Lina Grip, Researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI); and Matt Schroeder, Senior Researcher at the Small Arms Survey. Podcasts in the same series: – Documenting illicit arms in non-conflict situations – Measuring Illicit Arms Flows in Non-Conflict Contexts – A discussion on the revised global indicator 16.4.2 (coming soon)” At the link find the title, “Measuring Illicit Arms Flows in Non-Conflict Contexts, May, 2017,” right-click “Media files SAS-Podcast-40-Measuring-Illicit Arms Flows in Non Conflict Contexts.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Attention Merchants 39 mins – “Have you ever opened your computer with the intention of sending one email — only to spend an hour scrolling through social media? Maybe two hours? In this episode, we examine the strategies media companies use to hijack our attention so they can sell it to advertisers.” At the link find the title, “Buying Attention, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180101_hiddenbrain buying.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Baby Buddies 46 mins – “In this show, you’ll hear five stories of incredible gifts or acts of kindness. Kindness and generosity come in many forms. This episode proves it. Tune in and you will hear about: A child who’s rescued from a life-threatening ordeal through the generosity of a total stranger. A retiree who set out to volunteer a few hours at his local hospital and discovered an entirely new purpose in life — one that’s reached a billion of people. How a woman looking to help the refugees she’d seen on TV wound up forming a deep friendship with a refugee family in her own city. A “miracle cat” goes missing for more than a month, but makes it home with the help of an unexpected friend. How one man finds “endless opportunities to be generous” At the link right-click “Download this Episode” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bangladesh Terrorism 42 mins – “Last week, a Bangladeshi man set off a pipe bomb in the New York subway in an attempted terrorist attack inspired by the Islamic State. C. Christine Fair, a professor in Georgetown University’s Peace and Security Studies Program, joined Benjamin Wittes to contextualize the incident. They discussed modern Bangladeshi terrorism, the country’s history and governance, and the significance (or lack thereof) of the attack.” At the link right-click “Direct download: Christine Fair edited mixdown.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Beethoven 43 mins – “Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss one of the great composers, who was born into a family of musicians in Bonn. His grandfather was an eminent musician and also called Ludwig van Beethoven. His father, who was not as talented as Beethoven’s grandfather, drank heavily and died when Beethoven was still young. It was his move to Vienna that allowed him to flourish, with the support at first of aristocratic patrons, when that city was the hub of European music. He is credited with developing the symphony further than any who preceded him, with elevating instrumental above choral music and with transforming music to the highest form of art. He composed his celebrated works while, from his late twenties onwards, becoming increasingly deaf.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Berlin Culture 53 mins – “This week we have a discussion featuring American journalist, Paul Hockenos, on his book “Berlin Calling: A Story of Anarchy, Music, the Wall, and the Birth of the New Berlin.”  The discussion was presented by the Boston University Center for the Study of Europe in the Pardee School of Global Studies, and the Goethe-Institute, Boston.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bionic Bodies P1 56 mins – “Sight for the blind, hearing for the deaf, a body with functionality restored. These are the promises of bionics. It’s a field which combines medicine, engineering and robotics. In part 1 of his 2-part series Bionic Bodies, Carl Smith introduces the people whose lives have been changed, and the innovators whose ideas and initiative are behind remarkable results in the field of artificial body parts.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bitcoin Losers 22 mins – “The Bitcoin market has gone crazy. And it’s revealing something strange. A lot of people can’t find their Bitcoins. We go looking for lost billions.” At the link find the title, “#816: Bitcoin Losers, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180105_pmoney_pmpod816.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Black Health Activist 55 mins – “Racism affects all aspects of health. For women, mothers, children and babies, the devastating effects of racism can create vastly unequal starts to life. What can be done to create stronger systems for equity, beginning at birth? Join Lateefah Simon, president of the Akonadi Foundation, as she shares her personal experiences and her hopes for health equity. Simon, who was born prematurely, is now a mother herself; she’ll discuss how racism affects the health and experiences of individuals and families. She will also share her thoughts on what communities, organizations and individuals can do to level the playing field. Simon stepped into her role as Akonadi Foundation’s president in August 2016. A nationally recognized advocate for civil rights and racial justice, Simon brings over 20 years of executive experience, advancing opportunities for communities of color and low-income communities in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Akonadi, she served as program director for the San Francisco-based Rosenberg Foundation.” At the link find the title, “Health Equity at Birth: What Will It Take? With Lateefah Simon, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files cc_20171116_Inforum Health Equity For Podcast.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Black in Brazil 28 mins – “How black Brazilians are asserting their rights thanks to a controversial education law” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Blockchain and AI 72 mins – “Dr. Ben Goertzel is the CEO and Founder of SingularityNET, a Blockchain-based marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has a PhD in Mathematics and is known as the ‘father of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).’ In this episode, we discuss: The basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI); The Singularity – popularized by Ray Kurzweil but originating much earlier – in the 1960s; And most importantly, we explore the intersection of Blockchain and AI, both in today’s environment, as well as in the future” At the link find the title, “021: Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Ben Goertzel,” right-click “Media files Ben_Goertzel_final.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bretton Woods Conference 65 mins – “Benn Steil of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about Bretton Woods, the conference that resulted in the IMF, the World Bank, and the post-war international monetary system. Topics discussed include America and Britain’s conflicting interests during and after World War II, the relative instability of the post-war system, and the personalities and egos of the individuals at Bretton Woods, including John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Canadian History 24 mins – “Authors Luke Field and Alex Huntley’s alternative look at Canada’s past through fake news.” At the link find the title, “Dec 18 | The Beaverton’s scandalous untrue stories of Canadian history, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20171218_12815.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Chronic Wasting Disease 26 mins – “An ongoing study suggests the deadly chronic wasting disease spreading through North American deer herds has the potential to cross over to the human population.” At the link find the title, “Dec Study raises the alarm on chronic wasting disease, 017,” right-click “Media files current_20171221_64452.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Circus Death 51 mins – “It began in 1871 as P.T. Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan and Hippodrome. It survived the Depression and two world wars as well as rival entertainment such as film, television and radio. But, in January this year, the world’s most historic circus, Ringling, Barnum and Bailey, announced it was closing, sending hundreds of circus performers looking for jobs. Writer and former circus artiste, Dea Birkett, goes behind the scenes with the performers. ” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Citizen Videos 13 mins – “Could smartphones and cameras be our most powerful weapons for social justice? Through her organization Witness, Yvette Alberdingk Thijm is developing strategies and technologies to help activists use video to protect and defend human rights. She shares stories of the growing power of distant witnesses — and a call to use the powerful tools at our disposal to capture incidents of injustice.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Civil Rights vs Religion 27 mins – “The clash of two American values — religious freedom and freedom from discrimination –- didn’t seem so huge when a broad coalition of religious and civil rights representatives got together in a room in 1993. While starting from different ends of the political spectrum, this group came together to push for a new law, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, meant to protect the religious practice of all faiths, no matter how small. RFRA became the law of the land. But just a few years and a huge cultural shift later, the law was found to be only applicable at the federal level, and the coalition could not find a way to balance religious freedom with the civil rights of LGBT persons and women. That rift continues today as we continue to ask what does it mean to be free to exercise one’s religion? We hear from the people who were in that room in 1993 – and now are living with the consequences of their efforts.” At the link find the title, “225: Where’s the line between religious freedom and civil rights?,” right-click “Media files ea0f8b12-1bd3-4a72-952e-e8a725fcd4f3.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Climate Change 19 mins – “…In this episode, we’ll also follow Seattle filmmaker Chris Jordan’s journey to an island in the South Pacific to confront the effects of plastic pollution on the Laysan Albatross. Here’s the devastating thing about these albatrosses: The plastic pollution we put into the ocean winds up in their bodies. When Jordan learned about the birds, he felt a pull to visit. He ended up traveling to Midway Atoll eight times. “I would open up a bird and take out a handful of bottle caps, and I would just dissolve into tears of grief,” he said….” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Climate Change Impact 30 mins – “Climate change may be controversial in the political realm, but for three Blavatnik Awards Scholars, all leading experts in environmental studies, there is no debate. The Earth’s ice sheets, glaciers, forests, and animals have all been altered by high levels of CO2 and increasing global temperatures. But are these changes permanent? This podcast examines the latest ecological, geological, and biogeographic research related to climate change. This podcast was produced as part of the 2017 Blavatnik Science Symposium, co-presented by the Blavatnik Family Foundation and the Academy.” At the link click the square with three dots, right-click “Download” and select ”Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Compassion Value 68 mins – “People who practice compassion are healthier and happier, even though their primary focus is on doing something to mitigate another person’s suffering. In a cruel world, compassion might seem like a frivolous pursuit. But our guest expert argues convincingly that we need this emotion now more than ever, if only to keep from falling into despair. What is compassion, and what does science have to do with it?” At the link right-click “Download the MP3” and select MP3 from the options to get a free download.

Complicity 19 mins – “In our society where everyone is so interlinked … we do have a cumulative effect.” At the link find the link, “Dec 7 ‘Willful ignorance cannot be an excuse’: How to navigate complicity, 2017” right-click “Media files current_20171207_56334.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Cow Research 12 mins – “Today the Distillations team delves into the weird and wonderful world of its favorite barnyard animal: the cow. First find out why so few populations are lactose tolerant. Then take a literal peek inside the body of one of these creatures.” At the link find the title, “Episode 125: Chem-moo-stry,” right-click “Media files distillations_125.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

CRISPR DIY 34 mins – “With do-it-yourself Crispr kits now available online, Hannah Devlin asks if it’s really possible to edit your own DNA, is it safe and how should it be regulated?” At the link find the title, “DIY Crispr: biohacking your own genome – Science Weekly podcast,Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files” and select”Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

CryptoKitties 64 mins – “Arthur is the product development lead at AxiomZen. He is an Engineer by training with a Computer Science degree and a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction. CryptoKitties is a multi-million-dollar video game where players collect and breed digital cats on the Ethereum Blockchain. In this episode, Arthur and I discuss: What CryptoKitties is; What motivated the AxiomZen team to create this game, and; The implications of a new non-fungible ERC-721 token business model” At the link double-click the down-pointing arrow under the sound bar, select “Save File” and “OK” from the pop-up menu.

Democratic Vitality 39 mins– “The tone of American politics can be…nasty. But is this nastiness really worse than in previous eras, and if so, what does that mean for our democracy? Historian David Moss takes the long view — arguing that American democracy is much more resilient than we realize. This week on Hidden Brain, we turn to history for insight about our current moment in American politics.” At the link find the title, “E Pluribus Unum? Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180108_hiddenbrain_hb David Moss spotlight – mix final.mp3” and select “Save Link As: from the pop-up menu.

Digital Culture 36 mins – “In a repeat of a programme first broadcast a year ago, Click discusses with a panel of experts in front of an audience at Dragon Hall at the UK’s Writers’ Centre Norwich, whether the internet could be an inclusive tool for participatory democracy, or whether human nature and polarised opinion inevitably turns it into rudeness and/or toxic fury – something that one of the contributors Professor Mary Beard has experienced. But why would academics be active on Twitter or Facebook? The panel also includes Paul Bernal an expert in cyber law who reflects on the broader privacy and security dimensions of the internet. In the age of fake news how can we verify and assert the primacy of the truth; where does this leave traditional content providers like BBC, newspapers, and journals.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Disaster Responders 36 mins – “In this episode, we are joined by paramedic Mike Noone ( Mike is a long-time paramedic who moved into public health and disaster response. He eventually wrote a book on his experiences as an international disaster volunteer for those seeking information on how to pursue opportunities in these types of situations. How to Become an International Disaster Volunteer discusses the immense value an experienced water systems engineer, trauma surgeon, or communications specialist could bring to a disaster-stricken community, while also explaining how their professional educations do not prepare them for the logistical, psychological, and physical demands of traveling to, and functioning in, an international catastrophe with little water or electricity, limited sleep and food, a chaotic working environment, and with team members from diverse backgrounds and with different personalities.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Disinformation Payback 54 mins – “What do concussions, cigarettes and climate have in common? A common narrative. When tobacco companies started facing public scrutiny about the link between cancer and smoking, the industry launched a campaign questioning the scientific evidence. One executive famously wrote, “Doubt is our product.” New evidence shows ExxonMobil and other companies used the same playbook to confuse the public about the link between burning fossil fuels and rising temperatures and seas. Confronted with new evidence linking repeated head trauma and brain disease, the NFL is now going down a similar path. Some of the arguments are strikingly similar—the science is unclear, more research is needed, the industry is doing everything it can to solve the problem and protect people.” At the link find the title, “Football, Tobacco and Oil: Narratives of Deceit, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files cc_20171210_cl1 ConcussionsCigarettesClimate.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Doomsday Machine 72 mins – “In 1971, young defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg took on the Nixon administration, risking his career and freedom to leak the Pentagon Papers and show the world that the U.S. government had lied repeatedly about winning the war in Vietnam. Since then, Ellsberg has been a tireless activist for freedom of the press, whistleblowers’ rights and government accountability. Now, for the first time, Ellsberg is sharing his findings from his most ambitious project yet, The Doomsday Machine—a stunning insider’s tale of the American nuclear regime in the 1960s. Ellsberg will reveal the terrifying truth behind the American Cold War defense strategy, from the disturbingly large number of people with the ability to initiate a nuclear strike to the shocking plans developed by the Eisenhower administration for all-out nuclear war. Ellsberg will also discuss his fears that the Trump administration’s current policies will plunge the world’s great powers back into a costly arms race with the potential for global annihilation. Ellsberg is an award-winning defense analyst, author, speaker and activist. A Harvard-educated nuclear strategist and former Department of Defense policy expert, Ellsberg gained national attention when he leaked the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times, creating a scandal for the U.S. military and greatly discrediting those who advocated for continuing the Vietnam War. Ellsberg is also a co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Join Ellsberg for an important conversation about truth and deception, military excesses, and the very survival of the human race.” At the link find the title, “Daniel Ellsberg: The Doomsday Machine, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files cc_20171212_Daniel Ellsberg Podcast.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Emotions History 14 mins – “The words we use to describe our emotions affect how we feel, says historian Tiffany Watt Smith, and they’ve often changed (sometimes very dramatically) in response to new cultural expectations and ideas. Take nostalgia, for instance: first defined in 1688 as an illness and considered deadly, today it’s seen as a much less serious affliction. In this fascinating talk about the history of emotions, learn more about how the language we use to describe how we feel continues to evolve — and pick up some new words used in different cultures to capture those fleeting feelings in words.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Endocrine Disruptors 68 mins – “Some everyday compounds can interfere with the proper function of our hormones. Such endocrine disruptors can have profound impacts on health. Sperm counts have been falling around the world for the last several decades. In some regions, such as Europe and North America, the counts are down as much as 60 percent. What could account for this dramatic drop? Are Endocrine Disruptors to Blame? Compounds in many ubiquitous products, such as the BPA found in hard clear plastic and the linings of cans, have been identified as endocrine disruptors. They interfere with the normal activity of human hormones. Could such endocrine disruptors be contributing to declining sperm counts and quality? How will that affect fertility?” At the link right-click “Download the MP3” and select MP3 from the options to get a free download.

Entertainment Industry 68 mins – “Felix Salmon of Fusion, Slate Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann, and political risk consultant Anna Szymanski discuss: Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox; Apple buying Shazam; Bitcoin futures” At the link find the title,”The May the Fox Be With You Edition, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files SM8763580462.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Faith and Religion 64 mins – “Who is God? According to Reza Aslan, our desire to humanize God is hardwired in our brains, making it a central feature of nearly every religious tradition. Regardless of our actions or beliefs, Aslan says the majority of us consider God to be a divine version of ourselves. We bestow upon God not just all that is good in human nature but also our greed, bigotry and violence. All these qualities are reflected in our religion, culture and government. Whether you believe in one God, many gods or no God at all, Aslan’s work will challenge the way you think about the role of the divine in our everyday lives.” At the link find the title, “REZA ASLAN: UNDERSTANDING GOD, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files cc_20171201_Resa Aslan Podcast.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Faith Based Activity 64 mins – “The political divide in America got center stage treatment at the first Global Think Tank of this year’s International Pastors & Leadership Conference. Four spiritual leaders, who have had the ears of U.S. Presidents, joined White House correspondent April Ryan for a discussion about issues, solutions, and the role of the church in the future of our country. It got real. It got animated. Even Bishop Jakes went from audience member to VERY active participant in this all too critical conversation.” At the link find the title, “Faith and Politics in America – Part 1: Bishop Jakes, April Ryan, Paula White, Father Michael Pfleger, Joshua Dubois, Bishop Harry Jackson, May, 2017,” right-click “Media files TDJ6539353080.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Fake News 2017 49 mins – “On this episode, Brian, Ed, Joanne, and Nathan look back at the stories we produced in 2017. Topics include fake news, the opioid crisis, and the August 12th white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.” At the link find the title, “History for the Headlines: 2017 in Review, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files BKS8625717565.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Fake News in 2017 26 mins – “Our friends at PolitiFact have sorted through a year of lies, fibs, exaggerations, fabrications and outright falsehoods to find the worst of the worst. PolitiFact’s Editor Angie Drobnic Holan joins us to reveal the 2017 lie of the year.” At the link find the title, “224: The 2017 Lie of the Year,” right-click “Media files 4f942b02-bd2f-4ebc-9be0-8c5d0ff2815e.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Farming 15 Acres in Washington 82 mins – “Siri Erickson-Brown and Jason Salvo own and operate Local Roots Farm, fifteen acres of diversified vegetables in the Snoqualmie River valley thirty miles west of Seattle. With sixty percent of their sales to restaurants, and the remainder going to a CSA and a farmers market, Siri and Jason take a low-tech, high-touch approach to marketing. We get into the nitty gritty of how they manage their restaurant sales, from crop planning to receiving orders and managing shortages and overages. Siri and Jason also explain how their multiple marketing outlets work together to sell a high percentage of what they grow. All three of us dig into our Latin roots (yes, that’s a pun), and Siri and Jason tell us about how that’s influenced their choice of chicories as a major focus of their wholesale operation. We talk about how they use QuickBooks and other data to drive business decisions, and how they monitor business performance throughout the season to avoid surprises.” At the link right-click “Download this Episode” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Farming 35 Acres in NY 76 mins – “Scott Chaskey is the Director of Quail Hill Farm, one of the original Community Supported Agriculture farms in the United States. Located in Amagansett, New York, on land donated to the Peconic Land Trust, the farm also delivers fresh food to local restaurants, food pantries, and the Sag Harbor Farmers Market. Quail Hill’s 250 member families harvest their own food each week from the 35 acres of vegetable production, and Scott digs into the nitty gritty of how that process works. We also discuss the ways that Quail Hill works to keep the community involved in the farm through its advisory committee and other mechanisms. Scott shares how he worked in the early years to build up the depleted soil at Quail Hill Farm, how they maintain it now, and how they’ve met the challenge of a nutsedge infestation. We also discuss the farm’s advanced apprenticeship program,” At the link right-click “Download this Episode” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Flight Attendant Job 73 mins – “Dan Freemen has been a flight attendant for 6 years and flies out of Las Vegas. Dan has been on previous episodes to discuss accelerated flight training because he is looking to move into the pilot seat. Today Dan is going to discuss how and why you should become a flight attendant.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Flu Vaccines 51 mins – “Vincent and Elio discuss the reason for poor efficacy of one of the influenza virus vaccines, and using a hyperthermophilic anaerobe to produce hydrogen from fruit and vegetable wastes in seawater. Host: Vincent Racaniello and Elio Schaechter” At the link right-click “Right click to download TWiM#166” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Fracking Discussion 58 mins – “Are there upsides to fracking? Are consumer fears warranted? What are oil and gas companies doing to manage the risks involved? At the top of the hour, we’ll explore this topic with Karen Moreau, Executive Director of the New York State Petroleum Council, who will discuss hydraulic fracturing from an industry perspective. Later in the episode, we’ll be joined by Richard Heinberg, author of Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.” At the link right-click “Download MP3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Free-Diver 28 mins – “Tanya Streeter made a remarkable dive – on just one breath of air – to the unimaginable depth of 160 metres. This was a dive that nearly went very badly wrong. As Tanya tells Steve Backshall – himself a world-class adventurer – she blacked-out seconds before she began the dive; she developed nitrogen narcosis – almost like being drunk – and struggled to remember how to release the pin that would return her to the surface. On the way back up she thinks she blacked out for a second time.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Frustration Value 16 mins – “Challenges and problems can derail your creative process … or they can make you more creative than ever. In the surprising story behind the best-selling solo piano album of all time, Tim Harford may just convince you of the advantages of having to work with a little mess.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Gig Economy with Amazon 46 mins – “Independent contractors are delivering your Amazon holiday packages. Are they being exploited?” At the link find the title, “Is Amazon’s Army Of Contractors Being Exploited This Holiday Season? Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files npr_571722675.mp3” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Global Economic Trends 45 mins – “On this episode of Slate Money, Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann are joined by special guest William Easterly, Professor of Economics at New York University, and the author of The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor. They dig into: The realities of the developing world; Poor and displaced populations; The World Bank” At the link find the title, “The Development Edition, Jan, 2016,” right-click “Media files SM4657815919.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Goat Testicle Cure 44 mins – “BackStory features a guest podcast this week, from Reply All. The episode, Man of the People, first aired on January 19, 2017.  It’s about the rise and fall of an American demagogue. …Dr. Brinkley, a surgeon, has startled the scientific world by transplanting goat glands to men and omen as a means of restoring a lost heritage. The parents of “Billy” had wanted a baby for 18 years. Dr. Brinkley persuaded the father to submit to an operation involving the transplanting of glands from a goat. This perfectly healthy and laughing baby came along to bless a home that had been childless for those many years. Source: Arizona Republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.), 20 Feb. 1920, via Wikimedia Commons” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Gun Carry Laws 46 mins – “The House passes a bill that would let people with concealed carry permits take their guns into states where it’s currently illegal.” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Home Depot Founder 33 mins – “In 1978, Arthur Blank and his business partner Bernie Marcus were running a successful chain of hardware stores called Handy Dan – but then, they were unexpectedly fired. The next year, they conceived and launched a new kind of home improvement store that flopped on opening day, but went on to become one of the biggest private employers in the U.S. The Home Depot now earns annual revenue of almost $100 billion. Recorded live in Atlanta.” At the link find the title, “Live Episode! The Home Depot: Arthur Blank, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20171228_hibt_homedepot.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Homeless in New Hampshire 58 mins – “Two new reports say more people are without permanent shelter this year. Among the top contributing factors: lack of affordable housing and the opioid crisis. The greatest increase is among families with children, some of whom are living in cars and tents this winter.  We’ll get a statewide and regional picture….” A the link find the title, “More Are Homeless In N.H., With Steepest Increase Among Families With Children, Dec 19, 2017,” right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Homelessness Trends 52 mins – “People who are homeless use the most expensive parts of the healthcare system. Dr. Margot Kushel looks at older homeless adults and how the healthcare system can better care for them. Living on the street contributes to premature aging; many homeless people in their 50s have physical and cognitive disabilities more commonly seen in people in their 70s or 80s. (#32940)” At the link right-click “Audio MP3” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Human Resource Operations 24 mins – “Featured guest Marcia Conner, Industry Analyst and Author” At the link find the title, “Bill Kutik Radio Show #91: Marcia Conner, Industry Analyst & Author, Nov 2011,” right-click “Media files Bill Kutik Radio Show 091.mp3” and select “Save Link As: from the pop-up menu.

Human Resources Analysis 25 mins – “Featured guest Yvette Cameron, an Analyst for Constellation Research Group” At the link right-click “Bill Kutik Radio Show #95: Yvette Cameron, Analyst, Constellation Research Group, Jan, 2012,” right-click “Media files Bill Kutik Radio Show 095.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Human Resources Analytics 24 mins – “Featured guest Carl Hoffman, Author and Workforce Expert” At the link find the title, “Bill Kutik Radio Show #96: Carl Hoffman, Author and Workforce Expert, Jan, 2012,” right-click “Media files Bill Kutik Radio Show 096.mp3” and select “save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Hurricane Recovery on Virgin Islands 26 mins – “While months have passed, the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria can still be felt by the businesses affected. For law firms, these intense storms have brought to the forefront thoughts about preparedness and how to react in situations like this. In this episode of The Digital Edge, host Jim Calloway talks to Tom Bolt, whose firm was hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria, about how lawyers can prepare for natural disasters. Their discussion includes what technology he used and needed, the importance of having a disaster recovery and business continuity policy in place, and what types of problems his firm has dealt with in the aftermath. BoltNagi Firm founder and managing attorney, Tom Bolt, focuses his practice in government relations, banking, real estate, real estate finance, and estate planning.” At the link find the title, “The Digital Edge : When the Bell Tolls for Thee: Disaster Planning and Recovery for Law Firms, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files episode_120.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Immigrant Impact 69 mins – “So many people in Albertville, AL wondered what it cost them in taxes when thousands of undocumented immigrants moved to their town. One woman drove our host Ira Glass to the grocery store to watch a random Latina mom buy some milk with government assistance, to try to prove her point. So what’d all the newcomers really cost? And what was their effect on crime, schools, and politics?” At the link you can listen, but not download; however, a copy is available in the blog archive.

Impossible Burger 60 mins – “Make beef out of plants instead of cows and you can begin to save the planet. That’s what inspired award-winning scientist Patrick Brown to leave his professorship at Stanford University and found Impossible Foods. In conversation with Stanford Professor of the Practice Tina Seelig, Brown describes how his singular passion for impact prompted him to leave academia and become a food-tech entrepreneur.” At the link find the title, “Food Fight To Turn Back Climate Change, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files a.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Infrastructure Funding 48 mins – “The Atlanta airport loses power. A deadly train derailment in Washington State. What do they say about the state of American infrastructure and the promises to fix it?” At the link find the title, “Crumbling America: Disasters Strike Roads, Bridges And Airports, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files npr_572278358.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investing in Bonds 34 mins – “What to do about bonds is probably the most common question I get from investors.  In some ways it is the simplest of investment decisions but it can be made difficult due to emotional hurdles.  In this podcast Paul reviews several past articles on bonds.  Here are the links to those articles:  “Why bonds are the most important asset class” and  “Bonds:  Buy, sell or hold?”  He also suggests listening to a podcast recorded several years ago. [Fourteen topics are covered.]” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investment Management 44 mins – “When Alexa von Tobel was just 14, her father passed away unexpectedly, leaving her mother to manage the family’s finances. The tragedy made Alexa determined to understand money – and help others plan for periods of uncertainty. In her mid-twenties, she founded LearnVest, a tool that simplifies financial planning and investing. Within three years, the company was providing support to millions of customers. In 2015, she sold LearnVest for a rumored $250 million. PLUS for our postscript “How You Built That,” how Dillon Hill built Gamers Gift to help bed-bound and disabled patients enjoy a wide range of places and experiences —through virtual reality.” At the link find the title, “LearnVest: Alexa von Tobel, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20171215_hibt_learnvest.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Investment Mentor 109 mins – “Mike Maples, Jr. (@m2jr) is the man who taught me how to invest. He’s one of my favorite people and a personal mentor. He is a partner at Floodgate, a venture capital firm that specializes in micro-cap investments in startups. He has been on the Forbes Midas List since 2010 and named one of Fortune magazine’s “8 Rising VC Stars.” Before becoming a full-time investor, Mike was inolved as a founder and operating executive at back-to-back starup IPOs, including Tivoli Systems (acquired by IBM) and Motive (acquired by Alcatel-Lucent). Some of Mike’s investments include Twitter, ngmoco, Weebly, Chegg, Bazaar-voice, Spiceworks, Okta, and Demandforce.” At the link find the title, “The Man Who Taught Me How to Invest, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files a37b219c-ddc8-412e-a344-3aae64dee746.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Iran Upheaval 90 mins – “On January 5, the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings hosted a discussion on the upheaval in Iran, what it means for the future of the country, and how the United States and the international community can respond.” At the link find the title, “The protests in Iran, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180105_Falk-Iran.mp3” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Jerusalem History 46 mins – “Now that President Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, we’re exploring the city’s 3,000 years of multicultural history.” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Kindness and Gentleness 69 mins – “Why do some relationships last for decades and just seem to get stronger, while others wither? Is there a secret to lasting relationships? Kindness, Generosity and Science: Decades ago, psychologist John Gottman began studying how newlyweds interacted with each other. He and his colleagues created a “Love Lab” in which they took careful notes and collected physiological data on each pair as they answered questions about meeting, conflicts and future plans. After six years, the psychologists determined which of the couples were still happy together and which had separated or were miserable. Based on these data, they determined that a couple of key concepts underlay the happiness of lasting relationships: kindness and generosity.” At the link right-click “Download the MP3” and select MP3 from the options to get a free download.

Liberian President 43 mins – “What a tremendous privilege it was to welcome Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia, to MegaFest. President Sirleaf is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Her rise to power against incredible odds, and the lasting impact she has made on her country and the African continent is a powerful story that I’m thrilled to share here in the Village.” At the link find the title, “Presidential Vision and Faith: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Jul, 2017,” right-click “Media files TDJ3673797756.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Life Challenges 14 mins – “Heather Lanier’s daughter Fiona has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a genetic condition that results in developmental delays — but that doesn’t make her tragic, angelic or any of the other stereotypes about kids like her. In this talk about the beautiful, complicated, joyful and hard journey of raising a rare girl, Lanier questions our assumptions about what makes a life “good” or “bad,” challenging us to stop fixating on solutions for whatever we deem not normal, and instead to take life as it comes.” At the link click the circle labeled “Share,” right-click “Download Audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Lost Einsteins 118 mins – “On January 11, Stanford Professor Raj Chetty visited Brookings to discuss his new research, “Who Becomes an Inventor in America? The Importance of Exposure to Innovation.” Following his presentation, Chetty participated in a panel discussion on how to harness underutilized talent with Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, and Tony Jack, Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University. The panel was moderated by Brookings Senior Fellow Richard Reeves.” At the link find the title, “Raj Chetty on ‘The Lost Einsteins’ Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180111_Falk_Einstein.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Love Hospital 27 mins – “There are 33 ways to dispel a mistress according to one of China’s top love detectives. An unusual new industry has taken hold in some of the country’s top cities. It is called “mistress-dispelling”, and it involves hired operatives doing what it takes to separate cheating husbands from their mistresses. With the surge in super-affluent families in China, there has also been an apparent upsurge in the number of men choosing to keep a concubine. And for wives who see divorce as a humiliating option, almost no expense is sometimes spared in seeing off the rival. Ed Butler meets some of these private detectives and “marriage counsellors”, heads off on a mistress “stake-out”, and asks whether this is all a symptom of a deeper crisis in gender relations in China.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Medicine’s Excessive Cost 71 mins – “The Seventh Annual Lundberg Institute Lecture focuses on how the U.S. health-care industry became big business. It is now by far the most expensive in the world, with prices for drugs, procedures and hospitalizations many times that of those in other developed countries—and generally without better care or results. Its evolution over the last three decades moved it from a caring endeavor to a financially driven system. Elisabeth Rosenthal will trace how commercial forces and interests insinuated themselves, step by step, so no one protested much. But we now live in a system where medical machinery comes with brochures on how to recoup return on investment (ROI), and ambulance companies as well as dialysis units are owned by venture capital firms. Still, while explaining ways to push back, Rosenthal’s ultimate message is one of optimism and hope.” At the link find the title, “Deconstructing America’s High-Priced Health Care, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files cc_20171213_MLF_Rosenthal HighPriced Healthcare Podcast.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Mexican Wall 63 mins – “On Thursday, January 11, Senior Fellow Vanda Felbab-Brown presented findings from her essay, “The Wall”, including new video drone footage of the U.S.-Mexico border captured just last month from Brookings Creative Lab, and engaged in a discussion with Representative Henry Cuellar (D-Texas).” At the link find the title, “The Wall: The real costs of a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180111_Falk_TheWall.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Mike Resnick Interview 67 mins – “In this episode of the DHP, CJ and Joshua of The Dusty Den Podcast talk to Mike Resnick, author of (among many, many other things) the novel Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future,which CJ & Joshua reviewed and discussed on the last DHP episode (#152). (Big thanks to DHP listener Jake for putting us in touch with Mike!) Mike Resnick is (according to Locus) the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. He has won 5 Hugos (from a record 37 nominations), a Nebula, and other major awards in the USA, France, Japan, Spain, Catalonia, Croatia, and Poland. He’s the author of 75 novels, over 275 stories, and 3 screenplays, and the editor of 42 anthologies. His work has been translated into 27 languages. He is currently the editor of Stellar Guild books and Galaxy’s Edge magazine.” At the link find the title, “Ep. 0153: Mike Resnick,” right-click “Media files ADL2573102453.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Military Changing Role 96 mins – “On December 11, University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosted a debate on the changing role of America’s military, convened by the Brookings Institution’s Foreign Policy program and the Charles Koch Institute, in partnership with POLITICO.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Mind Wandering 39 mins – “Mind wandering is bad if you’re operating a chain saw. But if you’re stuck on a well-defined intellectual problem, it could be just the ticket. Christine Godwin explains the latest research in…um…what was I just talking about?” At the link find the title, “#210: Mind Wandering, D” right-click “Media files SDS210.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Monetary Policy 240 mins – “On January 8, the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at Brookings brought together advocates to present their case for keeping or changing the 2 percent inflation target and to challenge the others. The discussants weighed in on whether and how the choice of a target might matter for the actual policy path and the results for the economy.” At the link find the title, “Should the Fed stick with the 2 percent inflation target or rethink it? Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180108_FALK Monetary_Policy.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

National Monuments Shrink 47 mins – “President Trump instituted the largest rollback of federally protected lands in U.S. history this week at Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante. What other public spaces could lose their protected status? We’re also looking at the ANWR, or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which would be subject to fossil fuel exploration as part of the Republican tax plan.” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Net Zero Waste Reduction 54 mins – “Zero is the new hundred. Designing and operating a home that generates as much energy as it uses used to be a theoretical concept. Now it’s becoming a reality. Some homes are also catching as much water as they use. Pricey? Sure. But not as pricey as you might think. We’ll discuss real homes that are exploring the boundaries of efficient living without reducing comfort. San Francisco aims to produce zero waste by 2020. Is that really possible in a city with a booming economy and growing population? The city is ahead of the curve but policy, culture and psychology need to come together to reach the finish line. Other cities and universities are joining in and shaping the habits of big institutions and future generations.” At the link find the title, “Net Zero: Homes and Waste, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files cc_20180107_cl1 NetZeroLiving.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

NeuroStimulator Teardown 24 mins – “What’s inside an implantable Medtronics Itrel 3 Neurostimulator designed for Neuropathic pain reduction. Dave tears into the ultrasonically welded titanium case.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

North Korea 96 mins – “On January 8, the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence and the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at Brookings convened a panel of experts to discuss the new polling data in addition to considering South Korean public attitudes, as well as to further examine the policy options available to the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the world in addressing the North Korean threat. The polling data discussed was based on two polls – one in Japan, conducted by Japan’s The Genron NPO, and one in the United States, carried out by the University of Maryland’s Critical Issues Poll with Nielsen Scarborough. The polls examined Japanese and American attitudes on North Korea and asked identical questions.” At the link find the title, “Confronting North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs: American and Japanese views of threats and options compared, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20170108_Falk_North_Korea.mp3” and select ‘Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Norway Minister 54 mins – “On January 10, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway for an Alan and Jane Batkin International Leaders Forum. Following the prime minister’s remarks, Bruce Jones, vice president and director for Foreign Policy at Brookings, joined Solberg on stage for a conversation on the changing global security environment and role of the Euro-Atlantic partners in meeting these rising challenges.” At the link find the title,”Sustainable security: The transatlantic community and global challenges, Jan, 2018,” right-click “Media files 20180110_Saul Norway Minister.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Pentagon Papers 47 mins – “The new film “The Post” puts the Pentagon Papers back on the front page. We’ll dig in and consider its impact on journalism, now.” At the link find the title, “’The Post’ Puts Pentagon Papers Back On The Front Page, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files npr_572935107.mp3” and select ‘

Podcasting Background 60 mins – “Vincent speaks with professional podcaster Ray Ortega about his career and the power of the podcast.” At the link right-click the down-pointing arrow under the sound bar and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Privacy Decline 68 mins – “Experts have said that we are heading towards a future where privacy is dead. Do humans have any say in the matter? Dan talks encryption, personal security vs collective security, and dreams he has.” At the link (Show 294 – Backdoors to Glass Houses), right-click “Jul, 2015,” right-click “Media files cswdcc94.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Privacy Trends 37 mins – “Enjoy our ‘Year End Review’. Than, Equality Lab’s Thenmorzi Soundararajan. Basic digital security measures can limit the impact of up to 85-90% of mass surveillance. Worried about your email getting hacked? Or annoyed by ads that know where you shop? Or an activist who wants to learn to encrypt their communications? Teach yourself how to secure your phone, network, identity, and communications against potential leaks, hacks, and more. Part of our digital security tutorial series” At the link right-click “Download this Episode” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu. .  

ProPublica Reporter Interview 29 mins – “Julia Angwin, senior reporter at ProPublica, tells Chuck about how she discovered flaws in Facebook’s advertising tool, and why data leaks should have a cost.” At the link find the title, “Should data hacks be treated like toxic spills? Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files 4ab4a3ed-de94-4396-83d8-d1974694bd20.mp3”and select, “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Puerto Rico Post Maria 50 mins – “Three months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s recovery story is far from over and far from simple. For some, it’s a story of resilience. Others, resignation. For all, it is a story of frustration. Where some adapt, or become acostumbrados, and others demand political solutions. Where tragedy and privation is relieved not just by clean tap water or dependable electricity, but by jokes, music and defiance. This week, we look at the on-the-ground reality of Puerto Rico’s recovery and explore all that has been exposed by the storm and its aftermath.” At the link left click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Racial Stereotypes 30 mins – “Mash-Up Americans treasure our roots, even as we create new culture in the country we call home, the United States. But what happens when the country you live in sees the country your family is from as the enemy? How do you navigate life in America as a person with history in a culture non grata? In this week’s episode, Amy and Rebecca are joined by actor/comedian Maz Jobrani and chef and author Bonnie Frumkin Morales. They grapple with the difference between how we perceive ourselves versus how others might perceive us, especially when our motherland happens to be an “enemy” of our homeland.” At the link find the title, “find the title, “Enemy Territory, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files Enemy_Final_norm-7c81c8cd.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Russian Doping 48 mins – “The whistleblowers that exposed Russia’s brazen doping scheme had their own motivations, but for one key witness, personal safety was a major consideration, the author of a report that led to Russia’s ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics said in an On Point interview Wednesday. Richard McLaren, author of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s McLaren reports, relied in part on the damning testimony of Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of Moscow’s doping lab. But Rodchenkov never would have been able to come forward if he had stayed in Russia, McLaren said. “I think it was both the departure from Russia that led him to be able to speak more freely about what was going on and also the information that came out of Russia that the two previous heads of the anti-doping lab died within 10 days of each other in February of 2016,” McLaren, a law professor at Western University in Canada, told our host, Tom Ashbrook.” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Senior Care Problems 24 mins – “Herbert Goodine, 91, lived with Audrey Goodine, 89, his wife of 69 years at a special-care home. After a health assessment, Herbert was moved to another residence.” At the link find the title, “Dec| ‘It’s heartbreaking’: New Brunswick couple married 69 years separated before Christmas, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20171222_70831.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Sexual Harassment in Canada 19 mins – “Sexual harassment is not a problem at work according to male Canadian executives surveyed — despite almost a third of them saying they know of specific cases.” At the link find the title, “Dec Sexual harassment in the workplace? Not according to male Canadian executives surveyed, 2017,” right-click “Media files current_20171219_65737.mp3”and select “save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Sexual Harassment in NYC 36 mins – “Update: On Wednesday, following the release of this pod extra, New York Public Radio announced that Jonathan Schwartz and Leonard Lopate had been placed on indefinite leave as the station investigates “accusations of inappropriate conduct” filed against the two long-time hosts.This weekend, New York Magazine published investigative reporter Suki Kim’s personal experiences and reporting on sexual harassment by John Hockenberry, former host of the WNYC program, “The Takeaway.” The article alleges that over the past decade, Hockenberry sexually harassed interns, producers, and a guest on “The Takeaway.” It also details a culture of bullying; in particular Hockenberry’s behavior towards three female co-hosts, none of whom remained on the show.” At the link left click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Solar Power Operation 56 mins – “Duke Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the country, has acquired full ownership of California-based REC Solar, a provider of renewable energy solutions for commercial customers throughout the U.S. Duke Energy first acquired a majority interest in REC Solar in February of 2015. REC Solar will continue to be a part of Duke Energy Renewables, Duke Energy’s commercial renewables organization. Duke Energy Renewables’ experience in offsite solar and wind energy generation, microgrid, battery storage and other emerging technologies, will supplement REC’s onsite solar expertise. Tune in as we talk with Alan Russo, Senior VP of Sales for REC Solar, about the ramifications of this deal and the opportunities it could provide customers.” At the link right-click “Download MP3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Sudan Failure 56 mins – “**Some viewers may find parts of this report difficult to listen to** “Hiding in the bathroom. They’re trying to break down our door. We maybe have about five minutes.” Juba, capital of South Sudan, 11 July 2016. The female aid worker sending this message was among a number of international and local staff taking refuge behind a bullet proof door in the housing compound where they lived. Tensions were running high in South Sudan’s three year civil war and government troops had gone on the rampage attacking the compound. As the soldiers tried to break down the door, the terrified group frantically appealed to United Nations peacekeepers based just over a kilometer away. Using their phones and sending messages via Skype and Facebook their calls for help went unheeded.” At the link find the title, South Sudan: A Failure to Act, Apr, 2017,” right-click “Media files p051dzjm.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Supreme Court Discrimination 24 mins – “The rules of oral argument at the Supreme Court are strict: when a justice speaks, the advocate has to shut up.  But a law student noticed that the rules were getting broken again and again — by men.  He and his professor set out to chart an epidemic of interruptions.  If women can’t catch a break in the boardroom or the legislature (or at the MTV VMA’s), what’s it going to take to let them speak from the bench of the highest court in the land?” At the link click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save link As” from the pop-up menu.

Supreme Court Overview 44 mins – “Dahlia sits down with Tony Mauro of the National Law Journal to listen to highlights from the Supreme Court’s 2015 term. And she speaks with Politico’s Josh Gerstein about recent non-developments in the non-confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland.” At the link find the title, “Memory Lane, May, 2016,” right-click “Media files SM9817113661.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Tax Bill Discussion 22 mins – “Congress just passed the largest tax overhaul in decades. We dig in.” At the link find the title, “#814: The Tax Plan Is Huge, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files 20171222_pmoney_pmpod814v2.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Tax Preparation Service 16 mins – “In selling their new tax bill to the public, Republicans have leaned heavily on the theme of simplification. According to them, one of the primary benefits of overhauling our mammoth tax code is that it would make the dreaded filing process easier for Americans. But in reality the new tax bill does little to address the confusion that plagues the tax filing process…or the tax preparation companies like H&R Block that make millions off of that confusion. Last April, Brooke spoke with ProPublica’s Senior Reporting Fellow Jessica Huseman about the role the tax preparation lobby has played in keeping our code so complicated and why it doesn’t have to be that way. With the passage of the Republican tax bill, we’re re-airing that interview.” At the link left click the circle with three dots, right-click “Download this audio” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Tiramasu Competition 24 mins – “The champion of this competition must create a tiramisu with great equilibrium.” at the link find the title, “Tiramasum Competition Dec 20 Italy hosts first-ever Tiramisu World Cup, 2017” right-click “Media files current_20171220_47686.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Virgin Forests 56 mins – “With President Trump moving to drastically reduce the size of two national monuments in Utah, Brian, Ed, and Nathan return to our episode on Americans’ fascination with wild places. They explore how early European arrivals actually created wilderness out of a landscape long shaped by human intervention, how humans impact even the most remote corners of our country, and ask how our ideas about wild places have changed over time.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Wildfires in California 45 mins – “California burning – again. The region’s worst wildfire conditions on record. What are the solutions?” At the link right-click the play button and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Women in Astronomy 56 mins – “Dava Sobel is a former New York Times science reporter and has written many books on scientific topics. Her books include Longitude, about English clockmaker John Harrison, Galileo’s Daughter, about Galileo’s daughter Maria Celeste, and recently The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars. In this discussion, from the Bendigo Writers Festival in 2017, Dava Sobel outlines the contributions of women at the Harvard College Observatory from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. Despite being paid less than men they played key roles in progressing astronomy and came up with new discoveries such as determining the makeup of stars and the distances to them.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Women’s College 54 mins – “Emilie and Bridget chat with resident lil’ sis, Isabel, about her experience at a women’s college and explore the merits of single-sex higher education.” At the link find the title, “What’s the Deal with Women’s Colleges?, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files 2017-12-22-smnty-womens-colleges-final.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Workplace Chaos 56 mins – “For most of the 20th century, everyone, from the janitor on up to the CEO, was employed by the company. But now large corporations are outsourcing work to small companies. A lecture and interview with scholar and former Obama appointee David Weil.” At the link find the title, “Precarious Work: David Weil on the disappearing company job, Dec, 2017,” right-click “Media files ideas_20171205_41407.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

World War One Beginning 270 mins – “Politics, diplomacy, revolution and mutiny take center stage at the start of this episode, but mud, blood, shells and tragedy drown all by the end.” At the link find the title, “Show 54 – Blueprint for Armageddon V,” right-click “Media files dchha54 Blueprint for Armageddon_V.mp3” and select “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

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