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Media Mining Digest 219 – Jan 22, 2016: Agri-therm Pyrolysis, Alcohol Issues, Algae Systems, Appropedia Aquaculture, Best-By-Date Issue, Brooke Gladstone, Bruce Dern, Cancer and Dogs, carbon Footprint of Food, Carly Simon, Carol Loomis, Cartoonist Threats, Chemical Weapon Neutralization, Chernobyl, Coal Industry, Coalition for Local Internet, Collective Bargaining, Colonoscopies, Copyright and Technology, Counter Culture Krassner, Dark Matter, David Bowie, Dementia, Deportation Raids, Dick Cheny, Emission Control, George Takei, Head Lice, Healthcare Decisions, Holistic Management of Nature, Homeless in New Hampshire, Immigrant Boarder Crossings, Inca Empire, Ira Glass, Jane Goodall, Lotteries, Malcom Gladwell, Martin Luther King Death, MCR-1 Gene, Mein Kampf, North Korea Abductions, Nuclear Threats, Ocean Preservation, Parasite Diagnosis and Research, Prostitution in Europe, Racism in U.S., Refugees, Rhino Poaching Prevention, Saturn, Second Amendment, Sepsis Management, Siege of Leningrad, STEAM Movement, Stroke Story, Tribalism, Venezuela Conditions, Voice of America, Washington Post Editor, Wine Vine Protection

The best 66 podcasts from a larger group of 224 for the week are shown below. Double or ctrl-click individual highlighted titles to get single podcasts and explore the source, although it’s easier to get all of them as a … Continue reading

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